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I need help
By Anonymous
2nd try baby she ez
By Anonymous
She's so hot
By Anonymous
Thanks for the tips,Jarka
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By Jarka
I've been farming this boos in coop to get the humanities for the chaos covenant. Here's the most common mistakes I've witnessed :
- Equip a fire resistant shield (like the spider shield) and use it for Chaos' sake ! All of her attacks, even her aoe can be blocked pretty effectively with a good shield. A fire resistant shield is your best friend in this fight.
- When she does her aeo, don't start running away ! Doing so, the blast will caught you from behind and one-shot you. Instead, stay locked-in, raise you shield and simply back away while facing her. Even if you're still in range, your shield will absorb most of the damage.
- Don't fight her from behind ! Not only you need to keep her human-half in sight so you can anticipate her attacks, but she also have a small farting aoe attack from behind that will caught you off guard. Attack her from the side while keeping her human half in sight.
- Don't fight her if there is too much lava around her. It's really easy to get trap between her and lava. The arena is pretty big. So, if there is too much lava around her, simple bait her to another part of the arena, or wait for the lava to disappear.
- If you summon other players to the fight, wait for them to appear before starting the fight. Nothing is more infuriating than getting hit by lava barf while exiting the fog gate because the host didn't want to wait 30 seconde for players to arrive...
By Anonymous
Honestly a terrible house guest, when I walked in she wasn't even dressed, and instead of telling me to leave the room, she locked me in and tried to kill me. Like jesus lock the door if you need me to wait outside.
By Anonymous
Ah, my favorite kind of woman - 8 legs, tits out, and spewing lava everywhere.
By Anonymous
Amazing chest ahead
By Anonymous
This boss is f***ing s***!!! She f***s me with her f***ing unreactable explosion f***ing bulls***!!! Miyazaki is a f***ing moron!!!
By Anonymous
Lol git gud scrub
By Anonymous
I agree, this boss is f***ing sexy.
By Anonymous
Oh, that's some fine salt. And I was just about to make a soup, good timing!
By Anonymous
Smells like a skill issue
By Anonymous
For the wrong things, that is. Why just focus on quelaag when you you anthropomorphism like Priscilla, or femboys like Gwendolyn, or even DILFS like gwyn? Let’s not forget gwynevere’s GIGANTIC personality!
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