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wish i looked like that


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the fire stab attack has stupid range, i hate it
Not my proudest fap
what a body
That was really easy? What? I mean I only did 700 dmg per attack why was that so easy.
Stfu nerd no one cares, people are losing their jobs and you’re here wanting attention?
can't lose job if you are already unemployed
Can’t be unemployed if you never had a job.
Just hug the side of her head the sword won’t get you
what I used as equipment is; the stone giant chest, legs, and arms and the gargoyle head helm with either a BK shield or the dragon crest shield and usually the BK sword. although, if you killed the merchant in the undead burg and upgraded the uchigatana he drops, you might find it to be quite useful as well since it has quick strikes and can cause bleed.
She cured my arachnophobia.
Stupid sexy spider *****