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Thrust but hole
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Wrong hole
"one ugly mother f, dat abdoman".


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this boss did a pretty good job at curing my arachnophobia is must say ;)
Quelaag is easy to cheese with a crossbow even at SL1
She/He/It is easy as it is! You can always summon Thick lady with a sack on her head (Mildred her name I believe). Not challenging at all.
Don't watch the video! Spare yourselves, I speak from experience
Anyone willing to trade
I’m on PS4 remastered my names like h32054 or something
If so it’ll be in like 2 weeks so see ya then
Trade what exactly? Do you want our boss?!?
I'm surprised nobody fights her with the great scythe. I've been summoned for this fight countless times and I'm the only one I've seen using the GC. Two handed R1 will literally stun lock her to death if you can angle it so it hits her human part.
Second best chest in the game. I think we all know who's first.

Also, as with so many times throughout the game the black knight shield makes this fight a fair bit easier, although I guess it's not all that hard to begin with.

Unlike me lookin' at them spider boobs.

Ok, I'll stop.


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thanks <3
Dat Abdomen
I want to rub butter on it.


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Damn I look clean


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Yall are *****ing gross. Everyone knows all the female bosses of this game are lesbians and not interested in your unwashed cheeto *****s. RIP your spider waifu.
I feel like your jealous
What are you on about...?