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By Anonymous
She appears even if you haven't the DLC?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Dusk =/= Rhea
By Anonymous
She appears after you place the Lord vessel just kill golem speak to her quit out and load back in just did it
By Anonymous
What do I do if I accidentally kill her
By Anonymous
You start a new game or wait until NG+ to get Oolacile sorceries.
By Anonymous
your ****ed if u killed her
By Anonymous
I got everything from her expect "Repair" I left did a couple things came back and I don't see her summing sign do I have to defeat Manus?
By Anonymous
if you used the lord vessel the only way to get her summon sign back is to kill manus
By Anonymous
Just buy it from the mushroom Elizabeth. She sells everything Dusk does.
By Anonymous
kill this npc at all costs
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By Anonymous
Small correction: actually placing the lordvessel doesn't seem to trigger her appearance. Simply acquiring it does.
On my current, first playthrough I got back from Anor Londo through warping and am pissing about, farming stuff here and there. My lordvessel ain't in place yet but Dusk's summon sign has disappeared.
By Anonymous
sorry for that
By Anonymous
On the remaster I just warped (lordvessel required) to Darkroot secret bonfire, ran to black knight one to be closer, killed the hydra, then the golem, and then I summoned Dusk. *shrugs shoulders*
By Anonymous
So pissed off, went through the trouble of killing that ******* hydra, used a chaos pyromancy on the Golem, and now gotta wait till next playthough. No warning whatsoever. Ducking hate this game.
By Anonymous
I'm so sorry, dude. I know how you feel.
By Anonymous
How in the hell did you get past the censors with that F bomb? Also anyone who downvoted you is a lil bltch for thinking this game is absolutely perfect lol
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By Anonymous
This is Dark Souls. First playthrough for me, Solaire had gone mad for the maggot. I didn't whine about "stupid game" because something happened. I just did better next playthrough, you baby.
By Anonymous
I mean, you did allow her to spawn in a pool of lava...
By Anonymous
Dark souls ain’t gonna tell you***** even it’s story is vague just always be careful
By Anonymous
what a *****ing *, if you expect games to hold your hand 100% of the time go install something off of your favorite appstore
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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It is very unfortunate, but the Musroom Lady in the DLC sells her exact same items & Spells.
By Anonymous
dusk should have been invunurable for the first 10 seconds or so after killing the golem but retardsoft couldn't figure it out and now the cuck fanboys downvoting u, **** happens
By Anonymous
Her sign didn’t appear for me even though I answered yes to her question. I did everything right but apparently From Software sucks at making remasters. Make sure to upload your save file to usb before killing the golden golem or you may have to wait for ng+ for these spells. This game is ridden with glitches!
By Anonymous
The remastered isn't made from the From Softwer
By Anonymous
Did you try quitting out of the game and reloading your save?
By Anonymous
If you already placed the lord vessel, her sign won't appear. You have to get the spells from Elizabeth in the dlc instead.
By Anonymous
Lol all those idiots downvoting you. This is a great gamefor sure, but you're a damn fool if you think it doesnt have some issues with it. I personally hate how I set my controller down to where it accidentally hit R2 ONE TIME and boom, Andre was *****ing gone. Same thing happened with Solaire. Thank god they made it to where it takes a couple hits to aggro an NPC in the newer games.
By Shassin
Just pay off the bounty to Oswald and you'll have Andre and Solaire non aggro'd.
By Anonymous
Yes there are glitches in the game but you're worrying too much. Elizabeth sells the same spells in the dlc, just kill Sanctuary Guardian and talk to the Mushroom up ahead.

Also her summon sign is sometimes there but you just can't see it. Just walk around the big rock on the beach until you get a summon prompt. When all else fails don't forget you can quit and reload. While you can't see the sign now, you may be able to later.