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By Anonymous
“Amazing chest ahead”
By Anonymous
mommy? sorry. mommy?
By Anonymous
seeing the "Amazing chest ahead" soapstone before seeing Gwynevere is still my favorite Dark Souls moment
By Anonymous
No offense to anyone here but I personally like the music in the room more than I like the actual character. She just feels soulless and I personally actively dislike oversized boobs so…. music kicks ***.
By marcolkh
That's literally the point. She's a soulless illusion created by gwyndolin and he probably likes big boobs
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By Black Iron Tarkus
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Well, her tits aren't that proportionally that large, it's just the fact that her illusion is 50 feet tall.
By Anonymous
i can smell her aroma from my screen
By Anonymous
"NOTES: Amazing chest ahead" wtf
By Anonymous
I'm surprised i'm not seeing that many people drooling over her feet like I would expect. Like not to kink-shame or anything but some of y'all weird af.
By Anonymous
I don't know why you'd expect pervy feet comments considering you can't see her feet. They're covered by one of the bolts of cloth she has draped all over herself. For all we know she has some nasty, calloused, hairy, jagged toe-nailed feet. Maybe that's why they're covered.
By Anonymous
I want her to crush my head like a grape between her thighs.
By Anonymous
hahahaha, you sick bastard killed me
By Anonymous
Someone actually put "amazing chest ahead" in the notes and they kept it. Im dead
By Anonymous
Trying holding with both hands
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