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By Anonymous
The women in Dark Souls 1 are pretty sexy, with Gwynevere being the top along with Priscilla and Quelaag witches.
By Anonymous
All of gwyns child's name based on his name
I wonder if they have a mother or not
By Anonymous
I want a human sized gwynevere so I can hug her without it being weird
By Anonymous
Hug her at her full size, it's only weird if you're a coward.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I can never tell when I’m being misogynistic when simping for a woman or not. Please help.
By Anonymous
shut up dweeb, just enjoy chest ahead
By Anonymous
oh man, it is your fantasy game... you can create your own world... do NOT put BS in it... just enjoy the chest and be happy ever after
By Anonymous
This comment section Is exactly what I expected and I want to be mad but I can't because I agree with almost everyone
By Anonymous
the biggest crime the developers ever committed was not making the feet visible.
By Anonymous
I want her to swallow me and then I would exit through her nipple covered in milk to greet the next chosen undead ogling at her chest.
By Anonymous
What the actual hell is wrong with you
By Anonymous
t-thats not how this works!
By Anonymous
I just wish she would pick me up and throw me in between her bare chest, and suffocate me inside her cleavage, then shove me inside her thighs for ever
By Anonymous
I think that would be unsanitary after awhile
By Anonymous
Please seek help. It gets better.
By Anonymous
bro wtf
By Anonymous
Please just go outside, I beg you.
By Anonymous
the ultimate sigma grindset
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