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While a little time consuming, it is quite possible to dodge past the dragon's first sludge wave to end up on the other side (from the Basin entrance) and, if the player stands just out of range of the toxic breath on the path beyond, it is quite possible to take around 30-40 standard arrows and shoot it to death from close range (targetting the neck/head for additional damage).
I think the "close range" part of that kind of trivializes the use of 20-40 arrows.
It is actually surprisingly easy to just run in and slash the dragon to death by attacking its chest. Lure it to use its breath attack on the right or left sides of the bridge, then run up the middle and hit it two or three times and then perfom the crucial observation: if it moves for a claw attack, retreat the minimum distance and return to slicing it up; if it uses its breath attack again, keep piling on the blows. This should kill it remarkably quickly.
Even easier, bait the center attack and as soon as he starts the wind up run to a foot and hit it 2-3 times. Then, as it's winding up the side attack (be it breath or claw), go to the center and attack it. As it starts winding up the center attack, go to the foot and so on. You can even just bait the center, hit the foot, return to the center and so on for a slightly longer, if 100% damage proof strat.
I think I encountered a bug with this one, as well as the red one guarding the bridge. I died while fighting them, respawned and returned to fight them, and they were gone. Anybody else encounter anything along these lines?
This once happened to me with the boar in the Undead Parish.
The Boar could have dissapeared because it ran into the fire after you died. Had the darkroot basin black knight fall off after it had killed me once.
Yep same here, at least 2 different playthroughs
This is a bit confusing from a lore perspective, because the curse of undeath is usually only for humans, but somehow an actual dragon is afflicted by it,is it an experiment on the immortality of dragons or something completely different, I figure they're just making a cool enemy in this case but the implications do make some things a bit weird
Actually the Undead curse affects not just humans but animals, there's undead rats, dogs and even boars in the game. The curse extends even to Gods, as evidenced by Gwyn's state when you find him. Dark Souls II reveals that Vendrick and Aldia discovered that the Undead curse can be traced back to the soul, however the lore states that dragons don't have souls, so the undead dragon could be explained because it's not a "true" dragon but rather an imperfect/distant relative of the dragons like the drakes in the Valley of the Drakes.
The entire Curse is a little weird. Why did we find corpses whit usefull stuff, if everything is undead? Why can a hollow have a estus flakon? And why did permanent dead exist for some Charakters? The Drake, the normal Capra Demons in Lost Izalit, the Firekeeper and the peacefull NPCs? Why did non of them respawn, ore in the Case of the Animals and Demons? Why did they respawn, and why not all? The Story had some Plotholes I fear.
I know you are trying to be dramatic but miyazaki dont want ppl to farm souls from capra demon just above a bonfire in the lost Izalith , DS and DS3 are the only 2 with proper lore and DS2 is totally messed up, so dont compare and continue the lore to find info about DS1 undead dragon from DS2 . Also you are not a Hollow but in the state of hollowing so u havent lost ur mind . If we have animals with undead curse , then dragons too can have them just like how seath was born without scales of immortality there could be some exceptions .
The whole point of the painted world is to shelter away unwanted/abnormal abominations, no wonder one of the two existing undead dragons is there. It's not a common thing, it's am exception, an aberration.
Ds2 is a better game than ds3, 3 is the worst of the series.
I just killed him in painted world, then used dark hand on his legs/tail. He leaves them at the end and runs up to you body only.. Once I did his lower legs stood up. I am standing beneath them in fear of moving as we speak.


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So is it a glitch if the torso won't vanish or shoe damage?
No it’s not a glitch.Do a jumping attack to make it stand up right and you can go through
He stunlocks you too and I literally couldn't do anything.
I wonder where this beast gets all this poisonous puke from. Note that its lower half is coking on a lava lake somewhere in Lost Izalith.
Protip: If you have sufficient STR and don't want to shoot it with a bow for 8 hours, the dragon greatsword's R2 attack can be used to quickly kill it from a safe distance