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By Anonymous
Warrior Class: first 3 levels after arriving at firelink go straight into Strength. Bum rush this sword, use it to kill Pinwheel, bone out. Spend souls in whatever (probably VIT or END), continue the rest of the start of the game blissfully over-powered.
By Anonymous
The only curved greatsword with a thrust attack in the souldborne series
By Anonymous
too bad it can't turn into a scythe-boomerang
By Anonymous
The noob cannon.
By Anonymous
The only boss weapon obtainable before killing the related boss
By Anonymous
You can get the Capra & Taurus demons' weapons before killing the boss too
By Anonymous
The sword that every noob loves
By Anonymous
tHiS iS tHe best WeApOn
By LiterallyMe
Free OP sword made out of the bones of the dead AND you can upgrade it to +3 in barely 15 minutes, GOAT
By Anonymous
How do you get four Demon titanite that early?
One from titanite Demon, two from Snuggly trades, where is the fourth please?
By Anonymous
Two from snuggly
One from the demon by Andre
One from the demon in the catacombs
By Anonymous
I'm on the switch and it keeps skeletons dead
By Anonymous
This is the best weapon in the game purely off its longevity. It's not amazing late game due to poor scaling but you can get it within the first 10 minutes and it will absolutely carry your *** without a problem for pretty much the entire playthrough, and if you're a decent enough player there is no reason to ever replace it as it does enough damage that all you need is a little bit of skill and that's it. No wonder I always bummed rushed this weapon back in 2012 lol
By Anonymous
I'm 95% sure you are talking about the reinforced club.
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