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The upgrade table is wrong as per usual. While I cant remember the exact number of demon titanite required... it definitely is not 5, I think it is nine
I believe it is 10
*****, I accidentally clicked on the thumbs up...


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I love this sword.
bet if yo had this in your pants, it would turn the ladies toxic........
this weapon doesn't inflict toxic damage.
The ***** do you mean, "this weapon doesn't inflict toxic damage"?
I'm having a huge problem guys, i legit feel like the biggest idiot right now?! I started as a pyro, got my strength & dex both up to 13, went down the catacombs to obtain this sword only to realize i cannot wield it, even with two hands?! The requirements for this weapon are strength 24 and dex 13, so with strength 13 and dex 13 you should be able to 2hand it, right? I was checking for so many things but i still have no clue what's the problem.. -_-
Two handing multiplies your strength by 1.5, not 2.
You need 16 strength to wield it two-handed
Requires strength 16 to two-hand.
Another way to look at the requirements is that to twohand a weapon, your Str must be at least 2/3rds the regular requirement, rounded down.
Strength has to be 16 in order to two hand it.
you need strength 16
Can you only cast grave lord related miracles with this sword?
It's a sword, not a talisman. YOU TRYING TO CAST SPELLS WITH A F***ING SWORD?!!?
Been using this for a big chunk of the game on my strength build, but it has no decent scaling.. What should I switch it for? I find the Zwei so unbelievably slow. I upgraded the man serpent greatsword, but it still hits so much less than this gravelord sword.
***** it, keep using it lol
LOL. Honestly kind of thinking that. Sucks it doesn’t upgrade past +5, though.
Try black knight sword. It work for me .
I’ll try it out. I ended up upgrading that UGS I got from the dragon’s tail in Ash Lake and I’m having some fun with that, although it does hit quite slow.
For my first run of ds1 ever, my strength build used a man serpent greatsword. Grab that serpent ring in send, pop 10 humanities, and farm it from the two guys near Andres bonfire. S scaling in strength at Max really good moveset.
The Zwei is slow but once you understand the weapon it's awesome, use it for crowd control and staggering as well as massive damage, just need R2 and nothing more with the Zwei, at least in pve.
The man-serpent greatsword only goes up to A scaling, but that's still good.
I love how much damage it does, but i hate how hard it is to reach the platfrom to join gravelord covenant.
Lol this is Sparda Sword