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By Anonymous
Why cant i reinforce my gravelord sword to +5 when i have enough souls and Demon Titanites?
By Anonymous
***** if i know
By Anonymous
Do you have an ember? Flame dear flame.
By Anonymous
Because it's a moderately powerful weapon with toxic build up.
By Anonymous
U need anor londo blacksmit to upgrade
By Anonymous
Love this sword, kinda slow but it has a hell of a bite to it.
By Anonymous
Can you anyone be more specific of which "titanite Demon" this refers to? Thanks.
By Anonymous
And in order to use the Eye of Death, does require the area boss to be alive?
By Anonymous
does "one" require *** sorry
By Anonymous
It is the titanite demon from the Catacombs, just past the sarcophagus used to access the covenant.
By MrSrgsnowman
I doubt you'll see my response but the boss for the tomb of giants area needs to be alive (the gravelord covenant leader) in order to join the covenant and get the sword, cheers \(0.0)/
By Anonymous
The one in the catacombs with a very short aggro range.
By Anonymous
Short aggro range? I can lock on and toss lightning at him and he won't even come for me.
By Anonymous
Someone changed the description
By Anonymous
Seems rather weak when late game, due to poor skill rating. Can anyone confirm this.
By Anonymous
Not that weak in late game in you upgrade it to +5, but the scalling of this weapon makes it less interesting than Murakumo.
By Anonymous
Considering very few things have any sort of resistance to Toxic (instead of Poison), this holds up rather well into high end ng+'s. It is especially great for dealing against turtles and runners. Proc that Tox and watch them die.
By Anonymous
I'm using this end game and it's ******* boss
By Anonymous
4-shoting the black knights in the kiln of the first flame.
By Anonymous
In the Enchantable column i noticed the o in no, is spelt in upper case rather than lower case, just saying!
By Anonymous
it's spelled with a zero not a capital O, but same difference.
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By ArmStorage
A very devastating weapon for both early game PvE and low level PvP between SL20-30, simply upgrade it once into +1 and it'll become a powerhouse for curbstomping newcomers. On the other hand, it swings much slower than most weapon and is a little bit heavy, having the same weight as the Zweihander, so pay attention to the equip load, the timing for the swings, and when you can telegraph your attacks so your swing can hit your opponent.
By Anonymous
You're ruining the game for those trying their hardest to git gud.
By Anonymous
Then, git gud faster.
By Anonymous
Very fun sword to use in pvp. It might not be strong from a "meta" standpoint, but toxic is so rare, that it generally causes immense panic whenever it procs on an enemy player. Which certainly fits the whole Gravelord theme.
By Anonymous
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