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By Anonymous
goodest of girls :(
By Anonymous
Can get cheap chip damage on you just by jumping away from you, annoying.
By Anonymous
puppy :(
By Anonymous
Bitterest victory in the series. The last blow carries "I'm sorry".
By Anonymous
beat on first try panic chucking fireballs while camera was going crazy when I was under it, feels like I kinda missed out on what should have been an epic fight
By Anonymous
The pain and guilt i felt watching Sif limp when they got low on health was immeasurable, RIP Great Grey Wolf Sif, You truly were the Goodest Boi ;~;
By Anonymous
Sif is so silly
By Anonymous
there is one youtuber that said, dark souls is life. Men at least Life give you a choice. Dark souls doesnt.
By Anonymous
Probaly my favorite fight, along with Orenstein and Smough. great music, great design, great lore.
By Anonymous
Well... After killing him in about 50 tries i desided not to make any more "glass cannon" types =)
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