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By Anonymous
dog :D
By Anonymous
Man I felt so guilty when Sif got to low health and started limping.
By Anonymous
One of legendary camera-jitsu practitioners
By Anonymous
Easy boss annoying hitboxes, some attacks clearly don't connect but the damage magically appear
By Anonymous
Took me 472 tries but I finally defeated Sif! This boss fight is TOUGH!!
By Anonymous
damn you really counted all that? and it took THAT many attempts?! That's dedication right there
By Anonymous
Stupid dog couldn't handle my silver straight sword lmao. First try. Dex builds stay winning.
By Anonymous
I just grabbed the hornet ring and exited via the menu, it teleported me to the gate (entrance to sif's arena) and that's how I avoided killing sif
By Anonymous
Wrong ring dude! Go back and put doggy to sleep.
By Anonymous
Aint no way yall crying on a boss
By Anonymous
Yeah i can smell thr dislikes comming
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This shi is a joke no hate
By Anonymous
This boss sums up Souls fucck you attitude to the player perfectly. Can hit you even when you're under her jaw. Is far more agile and swings a sword faster than you despite being a 20-foot dog holding a two-ton sword in its teeth.
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