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On the righthand side of the boss area, near the entrance the player comes through, there is a small pool of water and a ridge the player cannot traverse. However, should the player manage to get Sif to jump towards said ridge, they will end up on top of it and most of their attacks, including the dreaded spin, will not be able to connect. While the player themselves will no be able to hit unless their weapon has a particularly long reach, Sif will eventually slide or jump back down; if the player is quick, this provides a valid opening as Sif typically lands facing away from the player.
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i have AotA, my friend does not, while the cutscene was playing for me, he says sif and i were sitting there and he had sif down to 25% health by the time the cutscene ended
By Anonymous
he is awesome, loved the boss fight
By Anonymous
Why did I have to kill you ? T^T
By Anonymous
I hear you T-T
By Anonymous
TBH. Sif was the best boss ever. I just loved his design and how it is sad when you must kill him. Its even better when you realize that Sif was only trying to protect his master's grave ;~; 11/10
By Anonymous
nah dude its artorias's wolf thats why he is such a well designed boss
By Anonymous
DS3 was my first Souls game and I played through it twice. Then I played DS1; I still tend to summon NPCs when I can, but I'm okay at the games now. For Sif, my strategy was - tank up in Havel's armour, fatroll and all, Wolf ring for poise, and get out my +5 crystal halberd (which I just use for bosses). I got close to Sif, tanked his damage - though I had to use Estus once I think - and demolished him in about one minute. In DS3 these kind of tank builds weren't really viable because of the weird poise system, so to me they're a bit overpowered in DS1...
By Anonymous
Be wary of back, by the way weakness: Horse ;) ;) ;)
By Anonymous
Be Wary Of Horse but Hole
By Anonymous
aye rest now young wolf, rest now and return to your master, return to the great warrior who sacrificed his future to slow the spread of the abyss, rest now young wolf, your duty finally coming to a end, rest now and join your master in a everlasting sleep
By Anonymous
best comment EVER
By Anonymous
I was medium rolling and beat him on my first try with 3 estus, pretty easy. Also a really cool fight though, I feel badass doublerolling through the double circle sweep. If you're fat rolling you should just drop the extra armor and git gud instead.
By Anonymous
Everlasting my ***, those poor guys will be reanimated as soon as the fire fades again
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