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By Anonymous
goodest of girls :(
By Anonymous
Can get cheap chip damage on you just by jumping away from you, annoying.
By Anonymous
puppy :(
By Anonymous
Bitterest victory in the series. The last blow carries "I'm sorry".
By Anonymous
beat on first try panic chucking fireballs while camera was going crazy when I was under it, feels like I kinda missed out on what should have been an epic fight
By Anonymous
The game surely has defeated you on it's first try a few times here or there, so don't feel bad that you managed to reciprocate the gesture. Best just be happy the ol' girl can finally rest with her hooman
By Anonymous
The pain and guilt i felt watching Sif limp when they got low on health was immeasurable, RIP Great Grey Wolf Sif, You truly were the Goodest Boi ;~;
By Anonymous
Sif is so silly
By Anonymous
there is one youtuber that said, dark souls is life. Men at least Life give you a choice. Dark souls doesnt.
By Anonymous
Probaly my favorite fight, along with Orenstein and Smough. great music, great design, great lore.
By Anonymous
Well... After killing him in about 50 tries i desided not to make any more "glass cannon" types =)
By Anonymous
I'm just cannon not glass cannon
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