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By Anonymous
i assume he hollowed because when he went to new londo ruins and saw that it looked like a disaster and probably no better than the stench from frampt he just gave up
By Anonymous
You Rascal!
By Anonymous
With no armor
By Anonymous
I just killed him with a club
By Cyanice
First guy I'd pick for my dream blunt rotation
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He sounds very annoying, and deserves to get flipped by the black knight GS R2.
By Anonymous
Hey don't throw shade at him. He may be crestfallen but he is not defenseless
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He sits at firelink guiding undead towards the two bells. When you ring both bells, he loses his purpose and goes hollow, at least that's my interpretation
By Anonymous
I would love to have a siegbräu with this lad
By Anonymous
When he goes hollow, the elevator connecting firelink to new londo will change position as if he used it.
By Anonymous
I'll have to pay attention on the next playthrough, that's a cool attempt tipn to detail
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