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By Anonymous
I always thought he just left
By Anonymous
"We'll both be Hollow before you know it"
By Anonymous
if you just smack him two times and then run down to where the fire keeper is, you can block his attacks (mind stamina) and then kick him over the edge, may prove more of a hassle at first but after you get his pathfinding down you can pretty much just watch him walk off, feel bad though he was an alright guy, i started calling him pervis
By Anonymous
Actually he is sick of king seeker frampt, so he moves down to new londo and turns hollow there.
When you return to firelink shrine after ringing both bells he complains about the smell and says he'll be leaving soon.
By Anonymous
This guy is the easiest motherducker to parry I swear lol. Kill him ASAP every playthrough for a free 1k souls and then murder his buddy Pets R Us after he gives me the Shrug gesture. I'm such a donger and I love it.
By Anonymous
you are truly the lowest of the low
By Anonymous
no one cares buddy
By Anonymous
i don't think it's worth it to kill petrus
By Anonymous
And then you sprint to the bridge to kill Solaire
By Anonymous
Like the name
By Anonymous
Ya did good crestfallen, ya did good.
By Anonymous
Threw a firebomb and he dodged out of a cliff to his death.
By Anonymous
Brain-dead spear wielding invaders aside, he has got to be the easiest thing to parry. Even I found it difficult to mess up my timing, and let's just say that I am, at best, mediocre at it. Good practice when you switch from a controller to K+M tho.

By Anonymous
By Anonymous
bro spears are literally the hardest weapons to parry, wut u talkin bout.
By Anonymous
I thought he was a bit of an ****** at first, but now that he's gone Hollow (in my playthrough), I honestly miss his dry humor. I can't be the only one who feels like this, right?
By Anonymous
I killed him my first playthrough
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