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Essa build sera focada no trapézio descendente,ela ira te ajudar a se tornar um body builder
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Why does build calculator bring up concept art lol
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use mugenmonkey
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hiiiiiii anybody to play dark souls 1 on ps3 with me?
Olaaaa alguem para jogar dark souls 1 no ps3 comigo?
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i will my acc is pheonixtrust tho my mic is brok
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Giant Dad

Class Bandit

soul level 99

VIT 48
ATT 12
END 66
STR 16
DEX 10

Mask of the Father
Giant armor
Giant gauntlets
Giant leggings

Chaos+5 Zweihander

Pyromancy Flame ascended+5

2 Black flame

Grass crest shield+15

Ring: Ring of favor and protection

Ring: Havel ring
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This Build Calculator is in BETA - we are working on improving responsiveness.
Known issues as of May 23rd 2018:
Some weapons (like Claymore) are not scaling correctly.
Magic infusion scaling is wrongly scaling off faith
We are missing Shield AR and Upgrades
Magic/Int adjustments are missing
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no stats scale on weapons?
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The uncursed artorias greatsword is missing
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I see a blank page here?