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By Anonymous
Killed him on my fourth attempt on ng++. Took countless of tries the first time I tried fighting him. For Artorias I managed him the first try on ng++ and took a lot of tries the first time.
By Anonymous
Manus father of Artorias anus
By Anonymous
its odd. i suck at fighting easier bosses like centipede demon or even the bloody hellkite drake, but im amazing at fighting Manus, i either first or second try him (i always do str builds cause im a str nerd) and its just so much fun with that boss its not like dragging on and horrible for me like centipede demon or seath
By Anonymous
I first tried Manus then ran to Kalameet and first tried him. Beat both bosses within 5 min on my first playthrough and without shield. (Childs Mask, Xanthous Set +5, Great Scythe +15, SL 95)
By Anonymous
hes just angry because hes lonely in the abyss must be pretty depressing there
By Anonymous
"granddaughters"? ***** DS2 describes them as "Child of Dark" (Alsanna's Soul description)
By Anonymous
Ye they where shards of Manus
By Anonymous
Just play your game however you want. Anyone mad at you for using a shield in a video game prolly should put less stuff up their ****.
By Anonymous
Yes, you can play the game however you want, but, one fact will remain unchangeable - Shielding is a very braindead way to play the game which doesn't require any brain usage. Rolling is harder, but at the same time a more interesting way to play the game, it's high risk high reward, I can tell, because back in the days I used to play with shields only, and when I learned rolling I started to have drastically more fun from the souls games.
By Anonymous
Cool bro like he said you can play the way you want. The only thing brain dead here is the thought that someone's playstule could be bad. They're like opinions and *******s. everyone has one but you don't gotta go rubbing them in people's faces
By Anonymous
Oh look the pu ssy entered the thread, idk what kind of a scary pu ssy you are to be afraid to express ur opinion in a anonymous comment section lmao. That's not a braindead thought, you are a braindead scared pus sy which is afraid to admit that some playstyles can require less brain usage than other playstyles, because ur like "OH NO IF I WILL EXPRESS MY OWN OPINION WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S OPINION I WILL GET BULLIED!!!!"
By Anonymous
Shields is easy mode, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's a video game. Play the way you want to. Have fun.
By Anonymous
It depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s better to have a shield, sometimes it’s better to roll.
By Anonymous
Real gamers only play Dark Souls at staring soul level, using no equipment or spells. You also can't have any humanity, can't be cheating and giving yourself resistances to damage. You must be in human form though, no cheating and skipping NPC invasions. Basically if you're doing anything other than punching for two damage at a time and dying to any hit you can't dodge you're playing the game on easy mode and you should be justifiably mocked by the real hardcore gamers.
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By minespatch
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Eagle shield was the real mvp of this fight. Praise it all to Kingdom Come.
By Anonymous
internet is a fine place.
By Anonymous
Oct 25 2021 anon gets mad *****
By Anonymous
Even on ng+7 crystal soul spear still absolutely annihilates this guy
By Anonymous
I killed manus to avenge all those who fell to the abyss from artorias to the lowest hollow he needed to pay for all the pain he brought to the world
By Anonymous
"Die, you monster! You don't belong to this world!"
By Anonymous
Well, he didn't decide to become the Father of the Abyss
By Anonymous
Not really he just got angry he lost his pendant and got big mad
By Anonymous
SL 82 - Fight took 15+ attempts with my main build so I switched to this build and it helped a lot more.
Great shield + Any heavy hitting weopon, i used zweihander +12. Green Blossom. Havels armour, i used mask of the father. Basically high poise should do the trick. I had havels ring and ring of favour and protection.
R2 Attacks whenever you get a window, just hold the greatshield, defend attack and then R2, probably will only get 1 attack in. I was doing about 300 damage with my R2 attacks one handed to him so about 25 hits and It was good.
Take about 15 estus, i had +4 and level 32 vitality, heal once your health is about halfway since he will probably attack you halfway through healing so less risk.
I think you can use smaller shields as well, but they will use more stamina and you need to maintain it to be able to dodge.
Take elizabeth mushrooms if you want to make the fight a breeze but that will basically make it a breeze.
Good luck.
By Anonymous
it took me 7 attemps and my build was the complete opposite as yours, i had light armor (no poise) with dark wood ring, my weapon was my trusted BSS +15 both handed, grass crest shield as my backpack, this is my dex pyromancer so i used power within as well, was doing 600-700 DMG with each R2, it was pretty hard at first because if i didn't dodge correctly i would lose 30-40% of my HP, in my 5th death i knew all his pattterns and my dodge became consistent, i defeated manus at my 7th attemp
By Anonymous
defeated manus on my 7th attemp with darkwood ring and my trusted BSS +15 his magic attacks are pretty easy to dodge, it was his melee attacks that gave me problems particularly his combo attack, too fast to dodge consistently, his hand smash was his weak point i could easily dodge trough and get my 3 R2 poke for 600-700 DMG each (i was using power within)
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