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By Anonymous
Tried out the "outside the arena" cheese for the first time today. What a wild thing, that. I'd say it's a crazy oversight, but it looks so intentional. They spawn him in before the fight and give you such a clean shot. Completely baffling, but that's Souls, I guess!
By Anonymous
I like to think that Manus isn't the furtive Pygmy and is some other pygmy, this is because i like the fact that the furtive pygmy is still not known and so they still have a presence of mystery about them.
By Anonymous
The Pygmy lords are literally in 3...
By Anonymous
Actually the silver pendant thing works more than the shield tactic for the circle attack. Just keep using it then roll
By Anonymous
So the hardest boss in the game isn’t so hard when you walk around him with Havel’s greatshield and black knight halberd.Strength builds for the win!!
By Anonymous
Needs an update to include the silver pendant it blocks dark magic attacks from manus so all you have to do is dodge his bonks also blocks kalameets fire breathe
By Anonymous
In ng, pretty easy boss for that point (late game). Ng+ is a different matter.
His long arm is kinda unpredictable, but you will be fine with a heavy shield and/or fast roll. His attacks don't take that much stamina.and poise to block.
I recomend using a upgraded black knight shield and hard leather set (warrior starting set).
1-handed serpent man sword or black knight sword can kill him pretty easily.
By Anonymous
When I'm in front of him when he uses dark wave, there is no dodging it even wearing nothing. In heavy armor and with high poise you'll take damage as you dodge through it, but survive. About to try running left or right next attempt. It really helps with avoiding this move to never be directly in front of him. Throughout the entire fight, constantly strafe/dodge to your right.
By Anonymous
I killed manus with dragon slayer bow without enter the fog stage. The wiki should update it
By Anonymous
No you can't I just tried this
By Anonymous
Screw his frenzy attack
By Anonymous
The comments on this page made me laugh the hardest I have in ages. If you see a comment use the word "shield", prepare for the warzone you will see in the replies.
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