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By Anonymous
Falchion +15, power within, sunlight blade, canvas talisman and grass crest shield

vig: 23
end: 30
att: 14(could be 12 tho)
str: 12
dex: 40
int: 8
fth: 30

Wasn't that hard really; dps is really good i used the gold-hemmed set and for rings FaP and ninja flip. Good luck :)
By Anonymous
Tanked most of his stuff with a high stability shield. Big jumpy, you need to roll. Silver pendant spam the Magic attacks. If you’re struggling, Sif doesn’t do much damage, but she absolutely will attract his attention a solid amount of the time.
By Anonymous
i hope all the people who designed this boss kill themselves and have their families publicly executed
By Anonymous
it's ok champ, you'll beat Manus one day
By Anonymous
Mf Juggles your *** better than any pro tekken player could
By Anonymous
Today I beat Manus! I spammed pendent that deflects his magic attacks when he casts them and rolled backwards when he launches an attack.
By Anonymous
This boss is what I call a real way to test your abilities. After all, experience is a great teacher, and nothing says experience like dying a lot, right fellas? Well, I've said my piece, onto Kalameet and then Gywn.
By Anonymous
I had harder battles with kalameet and artorias than with him.
By Anonymous
Coming back to this guy after the insanity that is endgame bosses in Elden Ring, it's weird to think he used to be the toughest fight around. I assume after From's next game we'll all be coming back doing bare fist SL1 permadeath runs just to feel something from DS1 bosses again.
By Anonymous
Killed this guy and kalameet on first encounter
By MatinArtorias
Don't say even if you did,you'll be heavily downvoted
By Anonymous
you can cut off his tail
By Anonymous
me when i lie
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