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In Sanskrit MANUS literally means HUMAN . A more befitting translation if he is in fact a direct descendant of the pigmy or better pigmy himself.
I have to believe he is the pigmy himself, otherwise it's just too shameful to think that the Dark Souls series ended without a fight against him
well in Latin Manus means hands and this guy has big hand with eyes ?
Let's be logical, that woman isn't Nashandra AT ALL.
DkS2 is written by different people, Miyazaki couldn't put something related to DkS2 in DkS1. Remove that Trivia, is non-sense.
In particular because it's OBVIOUS that she is the rescued Dusk.
wrong, Nashandra is a fragment of manus


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Why don't you have any downvote ?
If humans were created in the image of God, then under these conditions, it means that we are able to become gods ourselves.
While the abyss father is a nasty boss due to his unpleasant magical barrages and the frenzy attack he possesses, by using a strong sheild (100% physical block), endurance of 40+, and the Cholandry ring, it is possible to play an elegant game of counter: he attacks, player tanks the hit, drops the shield momentarily while he's recharging from the normal attacks and lands a blow of their own before recovering sufficient stamina to continue. It is also worth noting that Sif's appearance is most helpful if you can safely reach his summon sign.
(In the end, I risked everything and put on the Silver Serpent Ring: I reaped 72000 souls in total.)
Good luck to everyone!



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but not the symbol of avarice?
What if Manus is actually the player, should we take the Dark Lord ending. Main thoughts as to why I think this could be mainly stretch from the broken pendant, which is noted to have an air of nostalgia, similar to how the pendant we have is mentioned to contain happy memories, so the Chosen Undead feels a certain connection to their pendant, we KNOW that Manus pulls us into the past because we have the broken one, pair this with him dropping 10 humanities, the max for stat boosts, and I would wager a possible connection. As for how Manus got to the past in this theory, basically it draws on the whole "time is convoluted" tale, with the fading fire causing time to continually fluctuate, eventually abandoning Manus in the days of Oolacile, until his eventual awakening due to the manipulation of thr primordial serpant
Time doesn't really have that dramatic of an effect. It's mostly changeable due to direct influence, like him pulling us through or the soapstones. Never seen any lore based around tumbling through time and being dropped of sometime random.
an alteration to this would be something like he tried to become a dark lord like we can, but someone else linked the flame, and without the dark he went into his abyss coma. eventually, when kaathe saw the opprotunity he had him woken up, and he went on a rampage trying to spread the dark, creating the abyss
So I was fighting manus. One hit left I killed him but he also killed me at the same time. And I don't know if I can survive the drop down ?! Can you ?!?!?!
So long as hes dead you shouldnt need to worry about returning, his soul should automatically be placed in your inventory, and nothing extra is dropped (unless you count Dusk, but you dont need to talk to her, DLC ends on his death
All of his magic attacks are invisible to me. I need help! Same with kalameet's breath. Why is it invisible? I am using DS fix for the record.
Summon sif + stone greatshield (or havels if u have 50 str) = easy win. Just watch out for dark circle...
Almost every hit to his hand/arm appears to benefit from counter damage bonus. With BSS +15 and Leo @ 40 dex I was doing 660 per hit with 2H R2's.
I *****ing hate this RNG-filled*****fest *****. More like Anus, Father Of The RNG
just spam roll through his attacks till you learn when its safe. all his attacks have a period where you can hit him a few times risk free.
Git gud.