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By Anonymous
Shoulda read this page ages ago. Third playthrough and I've still never gotten in despite every hit being a vertical attack on the claymore (dunno if angle of the attack matters at all in reality though), but apparently I must have been attacking too close to the base of the tail -.- oh well, hopefully run #4 will work out better.
By Anonymous
i know this comment was made a while ago but you have hit half towards the tip of his tail
By Anonymous
I hate this stupid excuse of a dragon so much.
By Anonymous
That’s what the Ancient Dragons said too.
By Anonymous
for anyone still having trouble here is a tip for you you want to hit the white part of the middle tail and the best way i have seen is to use gc on the tail
By Anonymous
Seeing letters instead of names in this community is really frustrating. Not everyone knows every weapon/spell/ring
By Anonymous
i think GC may mean Great Club, but cannot confirm
By Anonymous
GC means Great Combustion. It's the only way I was able to get MLGS with an int build recently
By Anonymous
The trick is to memorize where his tail lands the 4th time he swings it down. He doesn't pivot while he's attacking so you can chip at it that way if you didn't fully cut it while he's stunned from breaking the crystal
By Anonymous
Idk why people have difficulty cutting off the tail. Just snipe it with a CSS after baiting Seath into breaking the crystal. Because yes, he can break it himself giving you an even longer window of opportunity. Plus as long as you already have been building your wizard kit, it should only take 1 well aimed CSS to cut it. This applies to Kalameet, Priscilla and the Gaping Dragon as well.
By Anonymous
this weapon is gonna make me do a tanky sorcery build so i can be john dark soul, protaganist of the hit series dark souls
By Anonymous
Nah my did I already got 60 vigor 71 end and 99 int lemme take this xD tho if you beat me to it welp
By Anonymous
mlgs more like mlg how i noscoped that tail lelzz !!!
By Anonymous
this is the most beautiful weapon in all of dark souls 1
By Anonymous

you will need at least soul spear spell

enter the room, run to the right tail (as it shoots laser from your left to right), go behind it and turn left to trigger the tail wiggle so that after you destroy the crystal, it still has the middle tail facing towards you. while it still stunned, run towards the middle tail and cast soul spear as close as you can to the middle tail without lock-on. you will cut off the tail after 2-3 shots.

afterwards you should never get in behind it in between of the middle and either of the side tail as it will trigger the wiggle. low hp INT build would never survive the attack nor have time to recover. so stick to the front of the right (its left) tail and attack from the right tail from that direction (again, as it shoots laser from your left to right).
By Anonymous
i used a magic +5 longsword and it took me 20 minutes
By Anonymous
Thanks, using the Crystal Soul spear it was so easy, I was almost giving up after 1h+ using magic longsword +5
By Anonymous
This is ******* advice. How could have enough time to run around seath after he gets stunned by his crystal breaking, shoot THREE soul spears, and still have enough time to run away? You think more pure mage builds have a lot of endurance/stamina? Nope. They don't. On most mage builds I get to 20 endurance and don't leveling it up anymore until much later on in the game.
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