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By Anonymous
Why, oh, why would FromSoft make it require such a high intelligence score? I feel like more melee-only players would want to use this than people with high magic builds. I get it from a lore perspective, but still... I had wanted to use this with my quality build before I found out about the magic requirement, and I bet a lot of people felt the same way, too.
By Anonymous
It’s a magic weapon, so that’s the whole point. It would have done garbage damage with your quality build.
By Anonymous
It literally has only int scaling it’s meant for soc builds that’s literally the whole point
By Anonymous
it is a magic weapon which scales with intelligence and gets nothiong from strength and dex, its meant to go alongside a sorcerers spells
By Anonymous
Quality builds can use a lot of stuff that a pure mage build can only dream of using, i dint really see whats the problem here
By Anonymous
By pelida77
PVP wise, this is a Top Notch weapon, amongst the absolute very best. Has a great well balanced moveset (not a single move is bad, slow, or leave you open for punishment). Good running attack, R1, great criticals, good for Dead Angles, great with One hand and Two hands, the R2 effect is one of the best weapon effects in the game (if not the best)... And the damage is just amazing (even just with the base requirements) but in a pure INT build is just plain OP. The weapon is quite fast for size and the damage output makes it kind of risky to attempt parries on it, still doable of course...
The only BAD aspect: requires 28 INT to wield it; so, for the most part in a correct build (let's say meta or lower) you won't be able to use other Melee weapons (you have to make a build just to use this one... and that sucks!) ALSO people tend to use it on Wizy's build (the coward way of playing this game as everyone knows) and end up fighting with Dark Beads, pursuers and Crystal Spears and all that OP crap. Whenever I face a worse player that is using this weapon, I know that if I manage to hurt him he will immediately change to "PLAN B": Magic One Shot you!
By Anonymous
Who hurt you, little man :(
By Anonymous
pp smol
By Anonymous
If you're a sorcerer you could also just use some pyromancy to cut off the tail
By Anonymous
Pyromancy is primitive compared to our proper magic, hollowed fool!
By Anonymous
i want use this sword with 2 hands what i need?
By Anonymous
11 str, 10 dex and 28 int
By Anonymous
two hands
By Anonymous
It's not ds2. Two handed welding gives you 1.5 str. So you need 16 str and 10 dexterity. You can use zweihander until Seath
By Anonymous
At least two hands
By Anonymous
1) you need to hit the very tipity tip of the tail. it doesnt take very much damage if you do. be really light for speed and dont worry about shields or spells
its very hard to die or even get hit by seath if you just watch where he is and what he is doing - so slow and predictable.

2) how you will die is trying to hit the rear tail without leaving enough space behind him to run directly *away* from the tail smashes that will follow. dont put yourself behind him near a wall.

so its: kite for space behind him, bait the breath attack, circle to the very tip of the tail, hit it twice, run directly away from tail smashes. repeat.

By Anonymous
This is a random question, but how long is the moonlight greatsword, im thinking of making a prop, but i dont know how to do pixel measurements
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By DJDutchgamer96
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given how much it weighs and classification, its probably a Little bigger than the claymore but smaller then the zweihander.
By Anonymous
In kings field, it was a shorter sword than a claymore but it was wider and probably heavier because of density, I'm glad FromSoft thought to put it in the game, I loved that game and seeing in here brings back good memories
By Anonymous
I have played through this game roughly ten times. Only the first time, and my 100% achievement run did i ever bother trying to cut the tail. Trying to do it with magic is even harder, and a high int character is the only one worth getting this for.
Its the coolest weapon because it appears in every game but they did it dirty in this game.
By Anonymous
For real. Each time I play a sorcerer, I go for the sword, and each time I'm reminded of how painful it is.
By Anonymous
It’s actually a lot easier to manually aim a soul spear at the tail to get the sword than it is to run after it with melee
By Anonymous
12 str and 10 dex for two handed bastard sword, upgrade it to +10 (or +15 if you're not afraid of new londo), apply gold resin, chloranthy ring and grass crest shield on the back, go completely naked and make him destroy his own crystal with the breath attack. You should have enough time to chop of his tail.

If not make him crawl to the other side of the room and go behind him from his left side, only attack when he's doing his AOE.
By Anonymous
well, cutting off the tail is impossible so this is either a bug or a meme or someshit
By Anonymous
It's a bug. I always go for MLGS when I make a sorcerer build.
By Anonymous
you don't have to call things impossible when you can't do it.
By Anonymous
impossible to obtain
By Anonymous
just got it lol
By Anonymous
git gud
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