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cutting the tail off
I know this weapon is for magic but can I upgrade strength for even more damage? My strength is 16 and intelligent 40.
The moonlight greatsword doesn't have any strength scaling.
Actually dumb
Your an idiot. Doesn't have any STR scaling.
But didn't cut off the tail. How could I take that sword?
You can't until your next NG, sadly. Maybe ask a friend to drop it or powersave it in?
same thing happened to me xD
There's something immensely satisfying about cutting off his tail and using 2H heavy attack to blast him in the face with it
I'm honestly not sure, about this sword, does it keep some of the same power attacks as the claymore? or are they replaced by that magic attack?
My guiding moonlight
*proceeds to ra-- i mean, recklessly slaughter people with it*
"So you were at my side all along! My true mentor, my guiding moonlight... [...] Now I may sleep in peace... Even in this darkest of nights i can see the moonlight..."
M.L.G Sword iz lyfe!
What's the int softcap for the sword
The soft cap for int is 40 so basically you'd be running an effective strength sorcery type of quality build with 40 in str and int leaving plenty of room for health and endurance and some attunement though I wouldn't really be worrying about that too much is only have it at around 16