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By Anonymous
Whish they dropped their armor
By Anonymous
You can actually obtain their armor in DS3
By LiterallyMe
"Go say hi to the neighbors, they must be nice people"
The neighbors:
By Anonymous
god ill just get that stupid crystal weapon achievement in NG+, why the hell do they even need a slab you cant even use them forever.
By Anonymous
Really glad Elden Ring fixed a lot of Darks souls mistakes
By Anonymous
What do you mean
By Anonymous
this land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind
By Anonymous
I like how the strategy page says "offensive" instead of aggressive. If I didn't read the rest of it I may have thought they were racist or something
By Anonymous
They said something offensive on twitter
By Anonymous
I love these guys, ****ing porcodio
By Anonymous
Meet the locals of new londo, they won't hurt you
By k_huntington
trying to grind these mofo's for the glove, and i got a titanite slab before i got the glove. this farm is BS.
By k_huntington
titanite chunk x2, still no dark hand this may be the most restrictive farm in the entire game.
By Anonymous
youre lucky man, ive gotten 24 dark hands so far after two days of farming and no slabs yet. the grind is excruciating.
By Cataclyx
seconding what anon said above, ive gotten dozens of dark hands and not a single slab. ive farmed for hours.
By Anonymous
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