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By Anonymous
These guys much like a lot of common mobs in this game are trivialized by big heavy weapons with high poise damage, 2-hand a Great Weapon like the Great Club, Dragon Tooth or Zweihander and make some Darkwraith Pancakes
By Anonymous
They're kind of trivial with an ultra greatsword, especially with enough poise to tank one hit. It'll stun them in one swing and usually finish them off with the second.
By Anonymous
anything is trivial with ugs
By Anonymous
I use a Greatsword (The weapon, not the type of weapon) because of the power attack range.
By Anonymous
I litteraly never had the red hand by their drop but I got the titanite slab. WHY?!
By Anonymous
If you want the Dark Hand, you should just join their covenant, you get it for free
By Anonymous
im suprised that that crybaby raging guy isnt here he is literally on every other page except for the one that has the enemy he shoud actually be crying about
By Anonymous
Half the enemies he cries about aren't even that bad, yet you hardly ever see him on the pages of the enemies that are actually worth crying about
By Anonymous
I got less lucky, first slab after my 200th darkwraith with 410 discovery, but still felt great to see that icon pop up! Almost want to kill another 200 just in case luck is kinder when I’m less desperate…

So many bonus hands and double chunks!!
By Anonymous
Two handed Ultra Greatswords/Great Hammers are great against these dudes, mainly cos it's a little hard to the Edgy Feckers to do their damn 5 slash combo bs when they're eating dirt from a good ol' Dragon Tooth/Zweihander pancake-maker slam
By Xizor666
Don't tell anybody, but I used to use mostly dex based or quality weapons.......until I used a UGS for the first time. Those 'pancake' attacks are awesome. Nothing more satisfying than hitting one and watching the opponent's body just crumple and give up. Very satisfying.
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