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By Anonymous
Do these guys respawn? I hope so, I need more titanite slabs!
By Anonymous
Yeah, like almos all of mobs in DkS. ;)
By Anonymous
Trust me ive been farming for hours you need absurd luck to even get one
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By Zethras
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These *****ers were my absolute kryptonite, during my earliest playthroughs...then I decided I wanted to upgrade all of my gear to +10 and to face my took something like 2 days...New Londo witnessed a complete and utter Darkwraiths genocide XD I think I slaughtered 2000 of them, and got enough slabs to upgrade everything (full set of armor, shield, bow, main weapon and three secondary weapons). Off course, my fear went away xD
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By Anonymous
Anonymous # is a jackass
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By Anonymous
They can be reliably parried.
By Anonymous
If anyone's having trouble with these ****ers, keep in mind that their aggro range is reduced massively if you're not making a sound. Equipping the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring can allow you to detect them at the same time they see you, and once you memorise their locations, secure easy backstabs and safe farming. Try not to enter from the Valley of Drakes, though, you'll most likely end up in front of them.

I hope that helps fellow Undead in the same way it helped me. And as always, praise the sun!
By Anonymous
I disagree on the entry point... if you're familiar with the area, entering from Valley of the Drakes is MUCH much better, purely because of the amount of time it saves to get there if you come down the elevator from the Darkroot Forest bonfire. If you're talking about farming Darkwraiths for hours until you get a slab (and it most likely will take at least an hour or two unless you're very lucky), your time is very very valuable lol so the 30 second route to get there trumps any other route to get there. It will take a couple of tries to get the timing correct, but once you've done it a few times, running past the Drakes is a peace of cake and is truly necessary to get slabs as quickly as possible. The only thing about entering this way as that a Darkwraith will see you as soon as you enter the area anywhere on the left side, and the Drakes can follow you inside if you aren't careful. This route is definitely more dangerous, but once again is a necessity to save time. Look up videos on youtube and pay attention to how the pros do it.
By Anonymous
Wait, they drop titanite Slabs? hOLY SHI-
By Anonymous
What is the recommended Item Discovery rate for getting titanite Slabs from these guys? I'm at 300 (using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring).

23 titanite Chunks, 6 Dark Hands, 0 titanite Slabs. Been at this for about 17 hours total.
By Anonymous
410 item discovery
Symbol of avarice or gold serpent ring + 10 humanities
By Anonymous
Yeah I agree with the other person, 410 Item Discovery for this is a must or you'll truly be there forever trying to get these.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring + 30 Humanity (unpatched version) for 410 Item discovery, and it took me around 4hrs to get 2 titanite slabs from the Darkwraiths in New Londo. I have 34 titanite Chunks right now, no clue how many I had when I started farming (probably 3 or 4?). I've made over 240,000 souls killing Darkwraiths at about 900 souls a pop (plus an annoying Drake here and there at 500 souls a pop)... so you do the math lol. Killed maybe 1900-2200 Darkwraiths and have only received 2 titanite slabs hahahaha patience is definitely a must. But if you want it bad enough, get your item discovery up to 410, get a few Ring of Sacrifices ready, turn on some music and have at it!
By Anonymous
You only need 10 humanity for 410 item discovery
By Anonymous
Not on the unpatched version... with Unpatched you need 30 Humanity, Patched is where they lowered it to 10!
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By pmfpires
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Got 6 darkhand on same run.. 0 slabs.. Hmm those drop rates...
By Anonymous
lol yeah, I was trying to get my armor to +9 for NG++ so I could be 100% ready, after 30 min of farming I had 4 slabs and 3 hands, and 0 chunks... I guess I'm going for +10 armor then!
By Anonymous
I’m fairly certain they don’t drop 2 Chunks at a time, at least not in the remaster.
By Anonymous
OP here, after much farming, Getting 2 chunks is possible, but getting only 1 Chunk is far more common
By Anonymous
As of 30 minutes ago they do.
By Anonymous
2 dropped at a time for me just now
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