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By Anonymous
Complain all you want, these guys have a badass design.
By Anonymous
This f***er just f***ing one-shots me with his f***ing bulls*** hitboxes!!! I’m going to f***ing k*** myself because of this s***ty game!!!
By Anonymous
It's not that some titanite Demon are stronger than the others, it's that if you kill one of them then the next one will be stronger and so on. So the best strategy is probably do not kill titanite Demon in Undead Parish first. This way you can have easier time dealing titanite Demon in Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo.
By Anonymous
I just had the one in Lost Izalith stop respawning after I killed it a few times. Anyone else ever had that happen?
By Anonymous
It stop respawning once you defeated Bed of Chaos.
By Anonymous
what the hell are tinanite demons why dont they appear anymore in other series??? or games
By Anonymous
Asking why they don’t appear in other series is like asking why Mickey isn’t in Star Wars.
By Anonymous
Worst enemy in the entire game, you can't convince me otherwise.
By Anonymous
Dart shooter from besttown :)
By Anonymous
Bastard fights really well for a headless cripple.
By Anonymous
Is it a rumor that every time you kill one they become stronger? (i mean the rest of them)
By Anonymous
i think they just get harder the further in the game you are. But the very last one i fought was stupidly difficult...
By Anonymous
Yes this is true. That's why you shouldn't kill the titanite Demon in Undead Parish before Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo, just so you can have easier time.
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