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If anyone has any positive suggestions, I'd love to hear them... I have levelled my Endurance to 49 (I've read that the soft cap is actually 40) but without Havel's ring I fee like I'm running in butter. I currently have the gold hemmed robe outfit (minus hood), black knight halberd, silver knight shield, and ring of fog and the sound negating ring... With such a low armour weight and only 2 weapons that weigh anything, I can't believe that I'd fat roll, which is what I'm still doing. I'm NG+2 and trying to do a quick run through a few areas to quickly get to bosses and light some new bonfires... Thanks. I'm hanging out to being able to put Havel's ring on again... How do players wear the heavier armour at all?
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Havel's Ring. The answer is Havel's Ring. Or FaP Ring if you don't need to wear anything too heavy.
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just keep buffing endurance
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The soft cap is 40 to the Stamina. Equip Load keep increasing. If you are going to use very heavy armor there's no other option than Havel and FaP. Putting level in Endurence it is simply not worth the amount of souls.
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It’s weird cuz I have had very heavy armor with crest shield and claymore since early game. 30 endurance and gavels ring is more than enough. I can also equip a long bow without fat rolling
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I don't think you're fat rolling, what you have is called the normal roll (25%-50% Equip Load). It's still somewhat clumsy and slow when compared to other souls games, so that may be why you think you're fat rolling.
If you're aiming for Light roll (0%-25%) it may be hard to do so without Havel's or FaP rings, and even then you're not gonna be able to equip armor with good physical protection.
For the record, real fat rolling is at 50% - 75% equip load, and is slow as hell.
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62 Endurance plus FaP ring gives me 122.4 max load. Can run black iron set with Abyss Greatsword, Black Bow, & eagle shield with no issue. And at lvl168, only issue I'm having is against the black dragon.
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Endurance is what allows you to wear more equipment without downgrading your roll.