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Hi I'm a huge fan of dark souls and every time i play this game i happen to stumble on some new information to help me to the next game play through. I'm currently on my 6th or 7th run and I'm currently level 227, I noticed while i was leveling up my character today that humanity is at the bottom of the skills list that you may choose to level. I have seen it many times and never thought too much about it, (due to the fact that you can not scroll on it or click it) until now. I was curious to know if having more humanity displayed in the number counter in the top left of the screen has any direct affect on leveling your character. An example i could give to best clarify would be, does having more humanity in the counter increase stats higher than if i had lower or no humanity in my counter? I haven't noticed a difference while leveling but I'm not a hundred percent on this theory if someone could clarify this better for me i would much appreciate it. Humanity has a lot more purposes than i have been aware of and i don't won't to miss out on making my character as strong as i can.



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I am sorry to see that nobody even bother to reply your question, but I am glad to help.

Humanity is not meant for leveling up. It is here to show how many "liquid / soft" Humanity you have (acts as Humanity counter) -- as same as the numbers at the top-left HUD, alongside to your HP and Stamina bar.

Soft Humanity is gained when you kill the enemies at a certain location up to 10 soft Humanitites, as long as the boss is still alive. Such as the Undead Burg (upper and lower) and Undead Parish. If you farm for soft Humanity here, you can gain 30 soft Humanities. (I did!)

The difference is, when the numbers is shown in black or white colour, it tells you that you are either a Hollow or Human, respectively, which isn't seen to Humanity counter at the Level Up / Status menu.

If you were Cursed, the numbers at the top-left HUD will be replaced with a skull indicating that you are Cursed. So, to know how many soft Humanities you have is to look at the Level Up / Status menu. (This is why you see Humanity at the Level Up. And it is obvious the Humanity counter at the Level Up / Status doesn't tell you if you are Hollow or Human.)

Holding soft Humanity will increase your Item Discovery up to 210 Item Discovery at 10 soft Humanities (you won't gain any Item Discovery past this) and stacks with other Item Discovery boosters, and also increases Curse resistance until you have 30 soft Humanities.

Using soft Humanity will let you transform onto Human back when resting at a bonfire and/or kindle the bonfire you're resting at.

Summary: You can't level up "soft" Humanity. It is just another Humanity counter.

Hope this helps.
lol u a casul?
ofc it helps nub.
Holding soft humanity increases curse resistance greatly. And some others as well, I think. In online mode, being hollow instead of human prevents summons and invasions.
Anon Aug 18, 2017 - He’s trying to learn. As sholes like you are why this community is so toxic. Go be useless somewhere else.
You numbskulls could at least read the question before bitching at one another. He asked if having high humanity affects the rate at which the stats go up when leveling up. The answer is a simple "no, it doesn't."
Having 2 liquid or crushed humanity increases your discovery rate . Max 10 . Humanity also affect chaos weapons so more humanity equals harder hitting choas weapon
Check this. May be either godlike hardcore or something special
I will explain : in PvE, you will get - 99 damage received, and if the attack may OHKO you, damage reduction increases to ridiculous 694, making this OP in PvE. Calamity ring helps trigger ridiculous resistance more often
Obvious question is... Can a player reset their stat points in Dark Souls Remastered?
No you cant, once a point is put in, it is in that forever.
I have a couple of questions. First what are the soft caps for strength and dext? 40 like dark souls 3? Is it worth going past that if you are already meeting the weapon requirements?
Second, how important is Resistance? I am leveling up and every other stat seems to do the same job improving the defences so why resistance?
The soft cap of strength and dex are 40, generally you don't want to go past that, though some weapons might still scale well. Resistance is absolutely useless, the only reason you'd ever level it up is if you have every other star maxed


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So I got DS for 360 awhile ago as a free download and finally got around to giving it a go. I've only been playing for a couple of days and am just now finding these guides and build suggestions. According to what I've gone though on here in the last couple of hours, I lucked out and chose the right class and gift (Pyromancer and Master Key); but have also made some grave errors in my leveling. Vitality - 15 Attunement - 13 Endurance - 16 Strength - 20 Dexterity - 15 Resistance - 20 Intelligence - 12 Faith - 12 Should I slightly modify a build and just stop leveling certain categories, or just start a new game file?
Umm... better question why the hell are you playing on last gen instead of the current gen? Dark Souls Remastered just came out not even a month ago. XD

Also there's no such thing as "the right class and gift" in Dark Souls. It's all dependent on what specific build you want to go with. Being a new(?) player your best bet would be a Quality (Equal DEX/STR ex. 40/40) build maybe with some magic to experiment with to get the most out of your experience. Having 40 STR/DEX allows you access to a wide majority of the weapons in the game.

You're build as of now is fine if you wanted to go for a Quality. Just pump any other souls you get into VIT/END/STR/DEX and you should be fine and enjoy an optimal experience. A solid build for a beginner would be VIT - 30, END - 30, STR - 40, DEX - 40. That way you hit the softcap for 4 Stats and can enjoy the game without very much trouble and use most of the gear with the exception of Sorceries and Miracles unless you invest in FTH or INT somewhat heavily which would require quite a bit of Soul Farming. Pyromancies ;however are fair game.Don't invest in your Resistance anymore though. You hit the softcap at 15, but 20 is still solid. Anything above 20 though would be a waste.

You can use the MugenMonkey website for a character planner if you like.
*anything above 15 is a waste
Just look at your preferred gear scaling and continue to level with that. The previous upgrades are still useful to you as it boosts your defense a bit. I had no idea what I was doing with all this until soul level 30ish, and weapon and shield upgrades are much more noticeable. My advise is to join the servants of chaos as soon as you can to get their high powered piromancys, and make sure to push atunment and dex when ever you can. And don't listen to that guy going on about current gen. He can go wait for his games to load and stare at way too many pixels in awe while we play games. Sucker probably doesn't know what megaman is.
The stat links don't work
Would be great if I didn’t need to go to Reddit to see what Attributes affect under their shown effects
To all you people who say raising resistance is a waste; I'd like to see you fight 10 basilisks in a small room >:D
Oolacile Set +5 says hello. Also, Dingy Set. Also, don't get in a small room with 10 basilisks, you masochist.
or just wear the full havel set with enough endurance to not fat roll. has crazy curse resist and poise.
I'm making a resistance build right now, It's My fifth time making one, it's probably my favorite build. I don't need to worry about taking too much damage and with a strength build it works great so I can swing without worry or Dex to keep bleed without worry, or to use gravelord sword or another unscaling good weapon then be able to do the work on all the other stats I agree resistance is awesome I was able to walk through all of the boss is attacks without any issues even with Havel's as well XD
Exactly, in what circumstance are you in a room with ten individual basilisks in it? Resistance can go suck a chicken.
If the only way you can think to justify levelling up resistance is by proposing a hypothetical situation which never actually happens in the game, perhaps your argument isn't as well thought out as you seem to think it is.
It doesn't increase curse resistance.
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I can't tell if he's serious or trolling, but I appreciate the humor involving that wasted potential of a stat. If anything thing it could've been used to greatly reduce critical damage received and/or increase recovery speed from medium rolls.
The star links don’t work on mobile devices for some reason while all other links on this site work. Any fix for that?
F***ing auto correct switched stat to star. SMH...