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By Anonymous
"Can you parry, that is the question" [cue music]
By Anonymous
Gwyn, Lord of Tinder
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plin plin plon plin plon plin plin plon
By Anonymous
"Therefore, you can keep repeating the exact same chain of Parry - Riposte - Drink Estus, to bait 2-Handed Swing - Parry - ... etc, until he is dead."
Well... that's what you get for input reading
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By MatinArtorias
First time,I fought him with my GiantDad. I did not even parry him,just a fair and fun duel between two fiery greatsword users
By Anonymous
I wanna give this guy a hug.
By Anonymous
If only his ability to never let you heal transfered to PvP...
By Anonymous
Have you heard of lloyds talismants
By Anonymous
Tbh this boss is pretty overrated. His difficulty is so unbalanced if you parry he is a joke, but if you don't he is literally too fast for Ds1. He has almost no attack tells and he just dosen't allow you to even heal, because he dosen't slow down. He is pretty much carried by the ost, lore and nostalgia, but as a boss he kinda sucks
By Anonymous
Last boss is for thematic reasons, they followed that format from DeS to DS2 including Bloodborne. Ost and lore is kind of his point. Uber bosses are found elsewhere. Kind of been a thing since the 80s/90s jRPGs.
By Anonymous
The only overrated thing is the way your dad felt about your mom that night.
By Anonymous
Git gud lololololol
By Anonymous
he is true , i fight him many time to beat him SL1 no hit and i think than he is broken
By Anonymous
He’s the final boss of a dark souls game
By Anonymous
Parrying Gwynn is for f@ggots
By Anonymous
i know hes like, a hollowed, burnt out, and dying old man who divested the power of his Lord Soul to Seath and the Four Kings, but holy **** this guy is easy. I curbstomped him with a +5 occult darksword in NG+1, 50 faith and like 22/20 str/dex, wouldve beat him first try if i hadnt gotten careless. second time fighting him, second try. he is showed to us and talked about all game long and then he goes down really quick and easy as long as you have a basic idea of how he moves or can parry. the legendary Lord of Sunlight, a burnt out hollow simply in our way.

sunlight spear slaps though, best spell
By Anonymous
It's almost like he's supposed to be anticlimactic or something...
By Anonymous
Parry, Parry, Doesn't Register Dead
Parry Doesn't Register Dead
Parry,Parry,Parry Parry, Doesn't Register Dead.
Doesn't register block dead.
NG of this is absolute cancer.
By Anonymous
sounds like you don't have the skill to parry
By Anonymous
"Parry, Parry, Doesn't Register Dead"

Parry, Parry, Fail the Timing, Dead


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