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By Anonymous
Bro the quote is "you SORRY fool"
Pretty sure everyone's listened to that sentence at least a billion times, how could you possibly get it wrong mr wiki?
By Anonymous
Indeed. It happened to me almost an hour ago. To be fair, yesterday, I didn't place the Lordvessel after Frampt took me down. So, now, I wanted to get Frampt to take me down so I could put in the Lordvessel, but he was asleep (again), so I jumped down. And now I'll never be able to feed him from here on. Go figure. I thought it was already established that he knew I met with Princess Gwynevere; the reason I didn't place the Lordvessel yesterday was because I thought I was going to lose my ability to warp between Bonfires.

Ugh. Granted, I never really made much bank (souls) from feeding him, but having an option like him available was convenient.
By Anonymous
Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?
By Anonymous
i dont think the lord will forgive me for what im about to do
By Anonymous
Best recycling unit ever.
By Anonymous
So do I gotta have the Lordvessel before I can talk to this dood? Or am I missing out on some Frampt time and stalling needlessly?
By Anonymous
you only have to ring both bells of awakening to talk to frampt
By Anonymous
This list shows the soul of Sif is worth waaaay more than what Frampt will give me for it. Which is 1 soul, like it’s a crystal item. I don’t plan on feeding it to him but I’m curious if this list is wrong or what.
By Anonymous
snek for the maidenless
By Anonymous
dude i got 400 hours of playtime, stopped playing for a year or something, come back to the game, get the lordvessel, forget about it and find myself stuck before Nito at the yellow fog gate... So i search online and remember that i have to place the lordvessel, when i arrive a simply jump down and put it. Fast forward to way later into the game, i'm getting ready for Gwyn, go back to firelink and i'm about to go down when i hear "You fool you could not be the chosen one" and he goes back down.. Dude i needed you just ONCE in my WHOLE playthrough to break down some slabs, i needed your service only ONCE, and you ragequit on me because i jumped while yourr lazy *** was sleeping ?
Ehh i never liked him anyway,
Kaathe is the best <3
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