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yeah, don't give him your pyromancy flame, as he won't give it back
He only trades the 115,000 souls for +15 flames. Little known secret.
PSA: FYI, do NOT give him a slab.
If you really need some chunks, get 10 soft humanity & gold serpent ring and go farm the dark wraiths in New Londo, Slabs are in very limited supply (and are a much rarer drop from dark wraiths)
Actually I'd have to disagree. Almost every time I go to farm new londo I get more slabs then I need before I get enough chunks. you only need 1 slab for a full upgrade, you need way more chunks
My game is not updated so I can still do the soul farming trick.
Is it normal to hear frampt snoring before you ring both bells? I was climbing up to the crow's nest but fell off and his snoring dialogue triggered.
His original snoring dialogue is triggered by ringing one of the bells, not both
Frampt values Priscilla's Soul above all other things. Good taste in waifu.
"Soul of Gwyndolin... Can also be sold to Kingseeker Frampt for 20,000 souls." thats weird....
F*cking neckbeard
^this tbh
^both normies
lmao poor frampt
Smough's soul can be traded for 1 soul seeing as he hates the guy
It should be the opposite considering the soul is proof you just killed the dude
LOL I jumped down myself and he took off. ******.
I’m doing my first play through of the game and I bumped my thumb stick and my character tripped in. Apparently Frampt thinks I’m too clumsy to be the chosen one and he took off, GG
When i was talking to him with the lord vessel he took me to somewhere but im still stuck in the loading screen
Try re-loading your game
It doesn't say what you get for trading a white titanite slab
White titanite chunk. Just take the same thing for the different slab and apply it to that color.