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Ok, according to the lore, Undead only die permanently AFTER hollowing completely, right? So if Tarkus was in fact undead, how could he have died falling from the scaffolding only once? Wouldn't there be more evidence that he tried over and over to overcome the challenge there, like broken tiles along the room, before he finally hollowed and took his final swan dive?
He may have just realized that the catwalks of the cathedral were a challenge that his might could not overcome and given up.
The Tarkus from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure is also a reference to the ELP song (which, hilariously enough, is about a tank with an armadillo body for some reason). Shouldn't we mention that as well?
So Tarkus is a jojo reference about a character named after a metal gear reference?
No, Tarkus is an Emerson, Lake, and Palmer reference that only happened to also get referenced by Jojo
Finally someone said it goddamnit, if there's one thing I can't stand is misreference.
Tarkus doesn't dodge attacks. Attacks dodge Tarkus.



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RIP tarkus, the best wifeu


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lol joke aside its a *****ing jojo reference, stand jokes anyone?
Chuck Norris of Dark Souls series
when people wonder if Tarkus arrives home every knight... they know because the all the doors run from him and his couch nails itself to the seeling.


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Tarkus isn't dead, he's just sleeping
For ever.
But... if he's just sleeping... and we took his armour... by the Lords...
How the hell did tarkus go through sens fortress ya know... an area that is full of narrow beams and swinging axes but he died doing the same thing with only the painting guardians in his way?
He tanked the axes.
Fromsoftware killed him. It will explain in one of ymfah's videos