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By Anonymous
im lvl 131 in new londo ruins can't kill the four kings but there is no summon signs anywhere am I overleveled,im playing on switch so does that have anything to do with it?
By Anonymous
So maybe I can't read and missed it, but how does matching via password play into all the other factors?
By Anonymous
when will servers be back up :(
By Anonymous
Yesterday actually. Killed Quelaag like 10 times today
By Anonymous
If you manage to pop a humanity to heal in PVP, I think you kinda deserve the health at that point. Your opponent has plenty of time to hit you out of using it. If someone managed to do that when fighting me I would be impressed more than anything...
By Anonymous
I am one who came from DS3 where I avoided PVP like the plague. In DSR I wanted to give pvp a try. That thought got thoroughly curbstomped by pathetic losers that use the jank backstab detection to get an easy limp**** victory. Those people can choke on that crack orb of theirs.
By Anonymous
Sadly, that's just the nature of the beast. DS3 is by far the most casual friendly when it comes to pvp, even now in 2022; don't let pvp gurus on youtube fool you, most people aren't that good.

DS1 is a passive-poise-and-backstab simulator, and its understandable why many players don't like it. If you nonetheless want to try, a good entry point is watching the "How to counter Strafe, Pivot and Roll backstabs" video, to even the playing field.
By AstralProdigy
Dark Souls 1: Dang, I gotta go through most of the game to get my 1 shot twink build online? Too much effort.

Dark Souls Remastered: "Aww look at the Newby! You thought getting the Drake Sword was a good idea huh? MORE LIKE GOOD FOR ME! SWALLOW MY PENT UP DARK BEAD LOAD YOU B****! GET WRECKED!!!!! UNINSTALL TRASH!!!!
By Anonymous
all i use online line for is to play with friends I avoid pvp half the players i have encounter were either toxic as hell or spammed my Xbox chat with messages like

wow your so bad
yeah that kind of ****
By Anonymous
I have not once used xbox live for this very reason. I also don't have the money for it.
By Anonymous
sorry to hear you too avoid online
By Anonymous
this game is a game made or *** holes no one else so expect invaders to be one
By Anonymous
Whoever got ds3 as the first souls game and liked how pvp was handled there should stay the **** out of here and keep lurking in that toxic swamp of a game.
By Anonymous
adventuring slaying bosses and having fun is always better with friends (if i had any)
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