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By Anonymous
ow do you summon multiple phantoms? Is there a spell or an item you use to gain access to more than one summon signs? Do you need to be part of a specific covenant? HELP!!
By Anonymous
No it is only their are needs to be multiple summon signs in the area
By Anonymous
yeah i was able to summon two phantoms (players) and sola ire for ornstein and slough on NG with a level 75 character
By Anonymous
Yes you can summon multiple people without any items npc and or players. Just have to be able to fine a summon sign.
By Anonymous
You can summon multiple phantoms using the dried finger
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
i cant even invade other worlds or see marks of other players like mensages pls help
By Anonymous
Your most likely offline, check your settings and if it's DS1 you'll get a message asking at the start whether or not if you want to play onjline
By Anonymous
I've been playing through dark souls and dark souls 2 and I have only had one invader between both games I don't know if it is that no one is invading or if it is that I'm not online. also how do I check if I'm online because id love to play through these games with some jolly co-operation and some pvp. it just makes the game more alive and exiting.
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By Fexelea
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The game asks you if you want to play online at the start. You must be in human form in dark souls one to be invaded, and in dark souls 2 it is more likely when you are human, To confirm you are both online and in human form, try finding white signs from coop players in the ground. If it works, you are online.
Note you can only be invaded when your world boss is alive
By Anonymous
Yo if you need co-op on dark souls say where
By Anonymous
Is it possible for me to be able to be summoned for a boss that I have already killed in my world?
By PlatinumCore16
Pretty sure yes. I've been trying to stick around the Undead Parish to help people out with the gargoyles, even though I'm a bit over leveled and I've been summoned a couple times. I've already killed the Capra demon.
By Anonymous
I summoned a friend lv 80 when I'm lv 36. However his health is significantly lower, it seems that setting a password can neglect the lv range.
By Anonymous
how do you set a password? there shouldn't be any password in dark souls 1
By Anonymous
You can not set a password in DS! :)
By Anonymous
There's gonna be a password though.. I hope it's not like ds3, because the fact that they had less health didn't make up for the fact y hat they would be able to use weapons and spells wich should be impossible at the host's level. And it's sooooooooooo pleasant to invade 3 guys and two of them being level 500 or something while you're level 30.
By Anonymous
I'm looking for people to play with on Xbox 360. I play dark souls 1 and 2 and I'm willing to play with any level of player. Gamertag: l 115Creature l
By Anonymous
under PvP Etiquette and Respectful Playing, Allow players to buff their weapons after or before bowing if they choose to, i disagree. Its a spell and gives a significant advantage. I count it as an attack and i will attack or backstab.
By Anonymous
It's not a spell always, and the other person can always just leave the match
By Anonymous
the host can't leave :p

and yes, buffing is an attack. im not gonna let a falchion buffer buff without consequence. buffing is for noobs and for people with noob builds.
By Anonymous
Buffing is not for noobs or for noob builds, then by your logic Anon backstabing, power withing, wrath of gods, dark beads, twop, persuers, the hornet ring, poise, anything with bleed, so on and so on are all for noobs and everyone in dsr is a noob. Sounds more like you're just salty from dying so much. This game is about advantage so why would you limit yourself and the host decided to be invaded by going online and being human, you can always play offline or be hollowed. Just like how an invader takes a risk of being ganked when invading. Also PvP Etiquette should not be listen to, anything goes in a fight.
By Anonymous
which one people play most these days between 1 and 2
By Anonymous
your opinion is false.
By Anonymous
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