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Didn't try co-op, but it's at least possible to be invaded on PS4 even if you don't have PS+. Dunno who they bribed to get around the online play restriction...
That's bull*****You can't even start the game in online mode without ps+.
More then likely he got invaded by a npc and thought it was a player
What if the person being invaded doesn't want to fight and instead runs away?
it's easy to backstab someone like that
Then attack.
If that happens then it's probably me invading you and you use an indictment so blues come after me too!
I keep running into 3 ppl ganks. Oh boy I'm such a griefer.
Tip: do not upgrade to +20 (or +5 ascended) pryomancy flame if you want to help people... it becomes a ghost town if you do that at SL1
Could I post gameplay on youtube without getting copyright strike
Is SL120 the meta just like in DS3?
Can y’all actually play online or is server fake and*****?
Need help against the black dragon in dark souls remastered dlc