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"It can be used as a trick to fool players whose worlds you invade that you're giving them a gift when actually you are making them easier to defeat."
bruh what
i've got brain cancer from reading this
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Kalameet and all of the DLC bosses are already hard on NG. Taht's why most people attend them at the end of the game. And if you play your cards right at this point you should have your chosen weapon and armor maxed as well as most important stats leveled sou you are almost at peak of your power.

This mean at NG+ when Kalameet (and other bosses) are much more boosted you're at the same point as before. Sure you probably have a bit more HP and a bit better defences and maybe some more spells but battle is still more challenging than last time.

NG++ and far get's olny worse cause bosses hp and damage goes up when you are stuck with your already maxed character. Sure you get much more souls but no matter how many levels you gain and how many items you upgrade you are stuck at cap when it goes to damage or defence. I mean yea you're getting stronger but boosting your damage or defences by 1 point per level or getting few HP points doesn't change anything when Kalameet can turn you into grilled steak with single breath.
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after doing literally everything in this game. . .except getting this ring and i finally did it and i find out what it does. . .and i dunno why i'm surprised that they would troll the players this way. .
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What it does
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this and dusk crown ring for true easy mode
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I mean it seems like a pretty obvious LoTR reference. You even get a little eye of Sauron over you when you wear it.
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By SoulOfCinderGaming
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The ultimate masculinity test if you can do it you can beat the irs simple as that folks you one shotted dark souls emotionally
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cbt ring
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The real prize for defeating Kalameet is the slab under the waterfall
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Tip about tricking players is just stupid.

Veteran players know what this ring is doing so they don't get fooled.

New players will be so stressed seeing invader that picking items and equipping them will be the last thing they'll think about during invasion.

So no sir! This ain't gonna work...
By yoduh
Also, just because they're new, doesn't mean they can't READ... it's right there before you equip it "Receive double damage". The only players this tip is good against is literal 5 year olds.
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Yeah i can read lol.
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When I was first invaded, the guy dropped something. I had heard about people giving players hacked items that had the potential to break your game. So, I just turned around and dove off a nearby cliff since the guy wasn't attacking me.