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By Anonymous
She has a very cute nose.
By Anonymous
I hate myself for killing her.
By Anonymous
What did you do to her soul?
By Anonymous
Fun boss fight
By Anonymous
This reply section deserves to be purified and purged by a rain of sunlight spears, dear lord.
By Anonymous
nice to know there's another friendly face in Darksouls thanks Pricilla for being a nice person
By Anonymous
not one to kinkshame but GOD DAMN
By Anonymous
YES! Some people down the comment section need to get out of their parents basement, there are REAL women out there!!!
But i like the whole "you dont need to kill me" attitude. Hope they do something with it in Elden Ring, why not do the covenants with bosses you can spare?
By Anonymous
The cancerous prudes like yourself are far more annoying.
By Anonymous
I knew the comments for this boss would be cancer and I still clicked anyway
By Anonymous
this comment section is giving me pancreatic cancer, mfs down abhorrent
By Anonymous
Your's being the first comment I was like "is it really that bad?"
After reading the next comment "IT IS WORSE!"
By Anonymous
Yeah they be down bad. Like super sus Karen's, y'all.
By Anonymous
I want to SNIFF those icy toes so bad just imagine the sweet smell coming out of her frosty feet.
By Anonymous
Based and same brother.
By Anonymous
Get help.
By Anonymous
King ****.
By Anonymous
Your soul needs to be purged by a sunlight spear from lord Gywn himself, wtf
By Anonymous
I laughed so hard at this.
By Anonymous
Apparently pricilla was originally meant to be dark-souls heroine but was replaced by the firekeeper
By Anonymous
Dark souls one doesn't have a "level up girl" unless you count bonfire-chan.
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