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Since she can drop several pairs of humanities it seems apparent that she was close to giving birth to a whole litter of crossbreeds
By Anonymous
*cough* Yorshka *cough cough*
By Anonymous
Come on dude don't ruin this magnificent beauty with the fan base she is my favorite boss and I won't let her take such pedofile abuse
By Anonymous
(cough cough) painting woman (cough cough)
By Anonymous
Then, I guess, Oswald of Carim was pregnant too, with 3 to 4 little future sinners.
By Anonymous
Manus was clearly pregnant with 10 babies by this logic
By Anonymous
While I successfully killed Pricilla, having taken extra pains to remove her tail for the dagger, all of her dialouge is remarkably tragic. Since only one weapon can be made from her Soul, I don't think I'll be killing her in NG+...
By Anonymous
this land is peaceful, it's inhabitants kind
By Anonymous
I found an sureshot strategy. Need bloodbite ring, one heavy armour (or light if you like risk), one long sword (used black knight sword, anything will do) and one stable shield (used tower shield). As soon as priscilla disappers, all we to do is repeat the following. Take a circular path always, always go back to the stairs at the exit of arena and wait, watch for her footsteps, as soon as they get closer, roll to one of the sides towards inside of arena, keep shield up, turn back and whack once (you are sure to hit her). As soon as your hit connects, retreat, take circular path and come back again and repeat, after mostly 10-12 hits she will bit dust. If some unlucky hit of her connects, you know what to do, retreat and estus flask up.... Happy hunting
By Anonymous
did u guys guys forget emerald herald says shes part dragon
By Anonymous
She is my wifu
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I agree
By Anonymous
Its the *****ing cat, people. Shes half cat, half gwynewere.
By Anonymous
She might be related to Velka, just sayin, Velka did put a child into gwyn gg
By Anonymous
I'm leaning towards Half Seath, Half Dusk... a result of one of his wicked experiments
By Anonymous
I used Firestorm at the beggining of the fight an she turned visible for the remaining 3-4 hits I needed to kill her.
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