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Add the link to the giant crow page
By Anonymous
You can also drop down onto the aqueduct, instead of having to run and jump. Just go up the first stairs, and then on the far side of the next set of stairs (just past where the axe wielding hollow is) there is an area you can jump down. It looks like a long fall, but you can see the aqueduct there, and it doesn't take off much of your health. You'll have to run and jump to get back, though.
By Anonymous
I will drop items all over the place at this location. If you’re new to the game, they will help you a lot.
Good luck!
By Anonymous
I will drop items all over this place. New to the game? They’ll help you a lot.
By Anonymous
So I don't know if anyone ever noticed, but as soon as you approach the entrance to the aqueduct you can hear a short, hissing noise as if arrows are flying over the bridge. What could that be?
By Anonymous
That's just Jeremy the Rat. He's friendly if you don't get too close :3
By Anonymous
guys i have a question. how many NPCs can i get to stay permanently in firelink? its nice going back there and talking to them all so i wanna know how many i can have stay at firelink (unlike lautrec and siegmeyer)
By Anonymous
13, but it is not possible to get all at the same time. However, you can have 6 permanent NPC (counting Anastacia) if you bring Inward. But I still prefer to kill Petrus to let Reah live. I am not counting Framp, but you can add him to the list.
Petrus (if you let him live, then Reah will die in the Parish)
Rickert (if you consider him part of the Shrine)
By Anonymous
Crow's nest is marked wrong in the map. It gave me so much anxiety and restlessness. "F" U map maker.
By Anonymous
Ingward should be on the NPC list as he does move to Firelink Shrine after speaking with him after defeating the Four Kings.
By Anonymous
He only moves there if you go and talk to him again after defeating the Four Kings, so there are 2 events that need to happen. And by then his use is very limited. Chances are that he will rarely be in Firelink Shrine, but I could see how it might need to be listed
By Anonymous
I had the bonfire fully kindled to 20 after getting the first Lord soul. But I attacked Griggs and the bonfire went out! It didn't relight until I went to Oswald to absolve my sins (cost 37K souls).
By Anonymous
i accidentally killed him, but i dont believe it put out the bonfire (may have already been out)
By Anonymous
The bonfire went out because you had an enemy in the vicinity. The same thing would have happened if you had brough one of the skeletons to the area for example.
There is an event, where the maiden under the bonfire is killed that will also turn the bonfire off. But in your case, most likely it was because Griggs was agroed. Same if you attacked any other NPC around the bonfire.
By Anonymous
This is my favourite SoulsBorne hub level, mainly because it doesn't feel like a 'hub' at all