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By Anonymous
Hey there! I recently started playing and a friend pointed out this guide for me. I have a question, how did you manage to get those starting stats, when the Pyromancer starts with a different set? I didn't see the option to customize them anywhere.Thanks!
By Anonymous
hay there , your stats can be changed at the cost of souls and you do it at the bonfire. as for your class this build was intended for the bandit - Donovan LeCompte
By Skullcorn
What if we use a shield? What will happen? And what's poise
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Very nice build. I'm on new game+ with this now, but I replaced parrying dagger with a shield, due to the fact that you can block while parrying, causing less mistakes, and I didnt feel the 2 extra frames for parry helped at all. The darkmoon blade spell was a knacker to obtain, and to use. as you need to join the covenant, but I like to kill gwyndolin before I finish the game off. Very nice either way!
By Anonymous
You can obtain the Sunlight blade instead of the Darkmoon blade if you want to kill Gwyndolin
By Anonymous
Hey! What about to use divine laito instead of normal laito+15? I m trying this build but i m not use with Dark Souls (but what a game!...)
Sorry for my poor english (french..)
By Anonymous
I know this has been a few years ago, but for people that are also wondering about this that are going through this page after this comment, darkmoon blade and sunlight blade are important parts of this build and add insane damage to your weapons. If you infuse Iaito with divine, it will not be able to be buffed anymore
By Anonymous
is this a good build for your first playthrough?
By Anonymous
No. Not having a shield will kick your *** on a first run through. Best to have some poise and a 100% shield.
By Anonymous
At what point in this build should I go into Blighttown to get the Iaito, and what weapon/s do you use until then?
By Anonymous
I used the longsword upgraded til +5 before the Iaito. Went to Blighttown right after the Depths.
By Anonymous
3 things worth noting with this build: 1) if you like parrying but still wanna block some damage, the buckler or target shield work very well. 2) i think that, from a fashion souls point of view, the balder side sword looks better than the iaito when paired with chester's coat, but gameplay wise it is a little bit weaker in terms of basic damage. 3) if you want to add some range, the balder side sword and buckler can be paired with the avelyn and talisman to retain your carry weight light enough to do the dark wood grain ring flips, but you will need one more point in strength to use avelyn correctly.