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This was helpful and I like Pie
You can allways spam all your powerfull pyromancies at it (very easy win)
That's what I did ;) Pyromancy flame +15 baby.... he died with about 6 Fire Orbs lmao love that FIRE
Very easy defeat strat: If you have obtained 16-19+ STR then I recommend you first obtain either the Greatsword or Zweihander and make sure you can at least midroll, upgrade it with normal titantie shard as well as the large ones found throughout the fortress, then, speak with the crestfallen merchant in the tower with the broken bridge and buy a few green blossoms. With all this, you should be able to unload high amounts of damage quick and regenerate stamina just as fast, If all done correctly, you should be able to down the Golem relatively fast and easy.
A few hits of zweinhander in his legs and him fall of bridge with half of his life bar
He can literally be onehit with chaos storm when close to an edge, just get between his legs. You might need to cast it a second time, but you are safe between his feet he cant hit you there. Other Pyromancies mights stagger him in a same fashion.
after some playthroughs the iron golem is now golden for me


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Black Knight Sword is highly effective on him.
easy fight with great club from blighttown(28STR needed) and Iron Tarkus, beat him on my first try, came here 'cause i thought it was meant to be a harder fight, but he is a really slow dumbass