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Fiquei meio confuso de como fazer esse covernant aparecer
Vc precisa de 25 de Faith
Mas, há outra maneira...para cada boss que você matar como white phantom vc precisará de menos fé para se juntar a covenant.
Para cada boss, 5 a menos de fé é necessário....
Então, por exemplo, se vc matar 3 boss como white phantom, vc precisará apenas de 10 de fé para entrar na covenant e nao mais precisará ter 25...pq vc matou 3 boss e diminuiu 15 pontos de fé pra vc entrar na covenant
Valeu amigo.
speak English, or dont speak at all
If you are running past the Wyvern on the top of the bridge, and run back to where it originally spawns him after defeating the Taurus Demon boss, the Wyvern will come back to his spot at the end of the bridge.
What does getting to the covenant levels +2 and +3 get you?
Nothing at all


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Not even a trophy or something?
I accidentally fought and killed solaire early on. Is it still possible to join the covenant?
it says it doesn't betray the covenant so i would assume you can still join
I am faith lol 25 and I can't get the action to pray come up... any suggestions?
Hello wonderful people I'm a huge fan of Souls game and I'm getting ready to play Dark Souls in PS3, I'll appreciate every help, if you want to help leave your Psn here, English is not my first language what means a terrible English, but for those who wants to help there is no problems. Thank you Guys.

I would love to help altough I havent finished the game myself
Praise the sun.
Praise the sun!