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More like an obvious one really, name and occupation are pretty much dead giveaways
what is he holding in his hands?
I think it's the latest chapter of One Piece.
I think it's the latest chapter of One Piece.
A copy of half life 3
an allusion is not an easter egg lol
Is that a mother*****ing berserk reference?
Rickert in berserk is a ****** and Rickert of Vinheim is not



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Dammit, I want to kill this guy! He's ruining my genocide. He just stands there, taunting me.
take a spear...demonspear works like a genocide is hereby done in past and present :D
Shockwaved his *** to oblivion . Dragon king axe ftw!
Why doesn't he sell me an iron arm with a built-in cannon?
Because he is too busy sulking about you being gone. And he has to take care of a whiny girl and a vegetable.
I don't get it
It should be added here that giving him the Large Magic Ember will allow him to upgrade +5 magic weapons to +10
He isn’t even trapped, the cell is missing a bar which leaves enough space to exit ... he chills there entirely by his own will.