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Poco piszesz takie guwna
By Anonymous
Good sword at early game deal 728 DMG from plunge attack on demon taurus
By Anonymous
you can one shot demon taurus with black knight sword
By Anonymous
This sword is guaranteed while the BKS is not.
By Anonymous
What are the stats required to wield this effectively?
By Anonymous
11 str, 11 dex, 14 fth
By Anonymous
He said effectively.
By Anonymous
U cant
By ChupLoops
The sword really lives up to its name. It's complete ***.
By Anonymous
I can see where that opinion come from, you are using it in mid/late game are you? It is one of the only faith scaling weapon available in the early game. Hell, even for lightning spear, the carrier of faith players early game is only available AFTER you kill the taurus femon and get past the hellkite dragon. Although, after you can make a divine weapon, i do agree that it kinda suks
By Anonymous
I really wonder if anyone used this sword to take on the Four Kings
By Anonymous
I did
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By Erick_of_Astora
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Rating weapons based on looks:
Extremely fancy straight sword, it may be one of the most good looking swords in ds1
By Anonymous
I used this sword up until I got the black night great sword in undead berg. Pretty good for a beginning sword.
By Anonymous
Can this be used to create the abyss greatsword?
By Anonymous
no it doesn't have the right upgrade path
By Anonymous
I stepped on this on randomly while trying to figure it out where to go in my first playthrough
Looked cool so I decided to use it, but I saw that magical damage and thought it would scale off Int...God, I was a dumbass
By Anonymous
Ah okay this is Anri's sword. Or, Anri's sword is this sword oh, i got it. Yeah, this is actually a sweet sword, I always get it, even if I move on from it later. Get this sword, take the 14 FTH you'll get access to a heal spell as well. Survive. I dunno, though, coz you can get that Zweihander at the bottom of the hill at the beginning, and you could put those points into STR, get a bigger sword. so what do you want? big sword or magic sword? I like magic sword, but maybe that naked guy over there likes big sword whatever floats your boat i guess. Praise the sun.
By Anonymous
wth? anyhow, this is the astora straight sword from ds3, while anris is blue, and scales mainly off on luck
By Anonymous
You write like a r3tard
By Anonymous
Me fail english? That's unpossible.