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By Anonymous
I feel like everyone in these comments tried using this on a dex/str build and then was confused by why it sucked. lol Learn how scaling works before you post, this thing wants dex, str and faith, if you don't have that then obviously it's gonna suck. Sure, it's gonna require more levels, but so do many weapons in this game, not everything is meant to be used at SL100 or lower. Dragonslayer Spear and Crescent Axe both compliment this weapon very well.
By Anonymous
A divine infused longsword will still deal more damage
By Anonymous
At 24 str, 45 dex and 50 faith a divine broadsword has almost 100 more AR than this. It just doesn't scale well. Specifically the faith scaling falls off hard compared to other weapons at high stats.
By Anonymous
maybe this weapon would actually be good after catacombs if it had any ****in scaling increases. should up to at least a high b, or maybe low b phys and a fth
By Anonymous
Sword with neat model like this and cool sheath had to be an early game weapon that quickly gets realy bad. Meanwhile the FIRST STEPS of the blender user known as Balder Side Sword is a god tier straight sword. This must be a joke.
By Anonymous
Hey that's mean

First time Blender users can make a better sword than the Balder side sword
By Anonymous
this would get my vote for worst weapon in the game, the only thing that could be worse would be maybe a dagger or something. its impressive that a weapon which upgrades with twinkling titanite can be this bad, since normally thats a good thing, this is basically a **** black knight weapon that you can always get guaranteed, but thats also very bad, you get what you pay for i guess.
By Anonymous
Dagger has those crits tho! So not even a dagger's this bad since it has nice niche.
By Anonymous
Black Knight weapon bad...hmm tell me you don't know anything without telling me
By Anonymous
This would get my vote for dumbest comment I read today.
By Anonymous
It's a great weapon to challenge yourself when you git gud and find the game too easy with the better options.
By Anonymous
Git Gud? What are you an inbred hillbilly, is that what your cousin Lou Anne said after you couldn't give her an orgasm
By Anonymous
Damn casul git gud
By Anonymous
This thing served me quite well up to Sen's Fortress. Especially great for clearing out the Catacombs.
Sure, there's eventually going to be better Divine weapons out there, but this thing performed when I needed it to right out of the box, and it only cost me 1 DEX and some abundant, easily farmed upgrade materials.
By Anonymous
****.. I wasted all my Twinkies on this and it doesn't seem very good. The only good thing is the lightning staggers and I look like a professional knight of the round table. At least it's fast I guess?
By Anonymous
Good weapon until you can get hands on better faith scalling weapons like the Crescent Axe, also not worth it to waste the twinkling titanites on this
By Anonymous
Seems like a cruel joke seeing how useless this weapon is. You have to dedicate your entire build around this weapon for it to be of any use, and even then it loses any semblance of usefulness once you're maybe 1/3 of the way into the game.
By Demon Slayer
14 faith and 10 str and dex to be able to perma kill the skeletons at the beginning of the game, allowing you to gain access to more estus with minimal stat upgrades sounds pretty useful, the weapon split scaling off of faith immediately doesn't make it bad, it has much more even scaling than upgrading a basic weapon to faith scaling meaning two handing it will increase your damage by a lot more than the other options
By Anonymous
All that gymnastics to wring out any usefulness out of this crap and it gets thrown into the bin lol
By Anonymous
You can upgrade this weapon pretty fast once you first get it (there's a few guides on Youtube and such) so it isn't too bad for early game. Solid pick for the Catacombs due to innate divine dmg, for anyone who didn't already know this lol.