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Hey d
Hullo their
You used the wrong there.
Qttsix used this for his record 100% run. took down Cinder and Nameless king pretty ezz
yo boy, this is Dark Souls not DS III
buddy this is the DKS wiki, the weapon is*****
Shiz happens :D
Dark souls one buddy
Have just put faith up to 14 and still won't let me use this weapon! Don't know why? Any help?
have you got both str and dex requirements, if yes, it's a bug
Make your str and dex 10/10 aswell
Anyone know if I can use Dakmoon Blade to buff this? I’m thinking of using it for a build.
Weapons that deal any form of non-physical damage cannot normally be buffed.
The weapon has a C modifier for faith that isn't listed here
Yes it is. It's in the bottom chart that shows upgrade damage.
You can get the sword without waking the undead dragon, that should be changed in this article.
Really great for the catacombs in early game. Don't worry if you don't have the faith requirement. You can still parry/backstab skeletons with it to kill them in at least 2 or 3 hits and they won't revive.
Fantastic weapon for cleric/sunbro builds early on, perhaps one of the best weapons you can pick up before heading to undead burg (assuming you took Master Key). Falls off sharply once you start encountering enemies with higher resistances, but if you upgrade it, it can last you through til the end of Sen's. By then, you should have acquired a normal weapon like the claymore and have decent stats for it, so you can buff it with Sunlight Blade.

But for early game faith builds, this thing is even better than the drake sword.
I'm at the demon ruins and I'm still using it beat ornstien and smough and Sif with it I think it will be my endgame weapon lol


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Looks sick that's why it's*****
All the stupid clubs that are just a ****ing stick: Looks **** that's why it's sick