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I guess since he was an optional boss in Dark Souls he didn't die canonically, still got an even worse death by Dark Souls 3. Literally fed alive to a mass of muck... Gywndolin must have lost a lot of his power by the time Irithyll had been founded.
It bums me out thinking about it. He had to live a lie his whole life, save a drying kingdom, keep his sister and his fathers memory alive, run a gang of people to punish sinners and live in hiding. Just to be eaten alive in the very place he wanted to keep safe, all in ruins. Like tears in the rain.



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It did seem like he at least stepped out of the shadows and took up the mantle as a worshipped god for a while. He is the Nameless Moon that some people openly worshipped, with his own cathedral and statues and banners. So at least at some point he stopped making people believe in the illusions of gods that left long ago, instead stepping up so they would revere the one god that stayed. And he had company in his little "sister", Yorshka.
Not sure if it's much consolidation, but at least he had the chance to be happy and openly acknowledged for a time :)
Still, horrible end to the character, I was disappointed.
He has a younger sister Yorshka, pretty big lore implication here.
I think she is his niece. The daughter of Oceiros and Gwynevere. Gwyndolin kidnapped her when the king became mad.
Well, she could be his daughter too... with Priscilla?
It's complicated because it's Gwyndolin, a master of illusions. He has a cutscene after death, that could be a illusion too. He knows he's "weak". He is a very old god and (maybe) very experient.
And she, Yorshka, is "protected" by a illusion, not a cleric or a beast.
She even can be Gwyndolin in disguise. you know... a master of illusions...
yorshka isnt actually his sister, but his niece, prescilla/yorshka is the daughter of the nameless king
Do you have anything to back that up with?
Can we get some citations on Yorshka being Gwyndolin's neice and the daughter of the Nameless King please? That's a cool theory but I don't see any evidence!
Every god - except Priscilla who has a tail, but she's half-god half-dragon - has a human appearance. But Gwyndolin has tentacles instead of feet ; he is the only god who has a deformity.
If we admit that in DkS3 Gwyndolin IS BEING eaten by Aldrich when we meet him (it would explain the upper part of Gwyndolin's body ), could it be possible that in DkS1 the tentacles are in fact Aldrich, beginning to eat him, before he gets the power and the monstrous shape he has in DkS3 ?
Could Aldrich already be in Anor Londo in DkS1 ?
No. Aldrich and Pontiff worked together to basically sac anor londo leading to alrich/gwyns current form
Actually gwyndolin and Aldrich are the same, she was consumed by her own festering hate because of roseria force feeding gwyndolin lies that's the symbolic reason for the ring fingers tongues, roseria feeds the tongues turning men into grub like creatures so naturally gwyndolin being half female did not fully turn but was consumed by her own emotions for wanting to protect anorexia London but failed in the first souls game, this is why leonhard killed roseria in hopes that using gwynovirs soul would help put an in to the transformation of Aldrich but he failed to reach her in time Hensel the player finds gwyndolin fully transformed into the monster that was festering inside her in the end of killing leonhard he calls roseria a monster for what she down.
While an interesting theory, why would Aldritch be present here and consuming Gwyndolin? As a supposed Lord of Cinder, he hadn't done his task at the time, hasn't perished or beckoned again by the Firelink Bell in DS3. Also, in DS1 he wasn't trapped there.
I think in DS1 while there is plenty to argue against it, being ashen is not a thing, also I understand that you are considered the FIRST of the Undead to actually complete the journey that is Linking the Fire. It also seems to be implied that Gwyndolin was lured into the room where you battle Ornstein and Smough to be eaten by Aldrich, this is why I'm more akin to the question of is Smough Aldrich.
He isn't half female. He was raised as a daughter because of his magic
Aldritch eats Gwyndolin. They are two seperate people.
The tentacles are probably just an illusion created by Gwyndolin similar to Gwynevere in DS1. probably there to make himself look more menacing. I'm assuming he has normal legs. Also the tentacles are snakes clearly controlled by Gwyndolin, not Aldrich.
realy because Priscilla has what looks like robes that are her wings wrapped around her and Gwyndolin at the time was powerful with his magic enough to make an illusion of his sister and a sun so the tentacles just may be an illusion
A) those aren't tentacles, they're snakes, which are a symbol of an imperfect dragon, and B) Gwyndolin purposely hides himself away within the Darkmoon Tomb specifically because of his deformity that brings shame to the gods.
He reminds me that griffith from berserk
Gwyndolin should be referred to as a "he" in this article, as that is how the game describes him, as seen in the Darkmoon catalyst description:

"Catalyst born from the soul of the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity who watches over the abandoned city of the Gods, Anor Londo. Gwyndolin is Gwyn's lastborn and a legitimate god, but he is also a Moon sorcerer, and this wand is boosted by faith, not intelligence"



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Yeah it is confirmed that it is in fact a he. Not just by some item descriptions from the first one but also in a rings description in ds3 where it gets clear that he was in fact raised as a daughter while actually beeing a male.


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To the first guy who replied under your comment, if someone is forced or just raised as the opposite gender it's definitely an assumption to say they're the opposite gender. in this case If you're born a guy but raised as a girl it's not disrespectful to call them a guy if they are one. Especially if that person doesn't have a problem with it or identifies as they're correct gender, I'm not the best at explaining but I have no problem calling someone by what they choose to identify as but is there any proof Gwyndolin himself chooses to identify as a woman? It just says he was raised as one not that he identifies as such.



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Also cheese him with no armor and a bigass wapeon.