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"I only I could be so grossly incandescent. Ahaha !"
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ahh the sun... its like a magnificent father I happen to have to many feelings for...
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My buddy <3
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thanks DS3 for basically confirming that Sunbro is just schizophrenic delusional
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i feel so sad for him. I didn't really believe he was The Guy (coff coff). If you look at the broken statue of the sunbroes it wears sandals not iron legs
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Solaire is an heir to the sun moron .... he steps on lava catches lightning, he'll kill you if you do anything wrong, he is trying to find a way to stop the sun from leaving and allowing lord ran to be overrun by the abyss, ..etc space
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It happens and no Solaire is not Lord Gwyn's firstborn and heir to the sun, he was just a faithful warrior of the sun.
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There should be a note how he keeps track of your plot-progression. For instance, after clearing Anor Londo, I, for the first time, got past the Hellkite dragon and lit the bonfire. I was pleasantly surprised to see Solaire again. He explicitly states how he didn't find his sun in Anor Londo nor in Blighttown, so he hinted that next he'll be going to Lost Izalith and/or Demon Ruins.
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So he basically just found a bug that looked like the sun and put it on his head for it to take over his mind like a parasite then?
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That's probably what attracted him to it, yeah.
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he was desperate. many npcs are but they don't show or tell us about it. Onion knight is the same. He never whines about of how frustrated he is until he dies. I don't like much how the npc are handled in Dark Souls...basically just standing/sitting around but somwehow they are more lifelike than in most of other games.
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It looked like the Sun which is why it made him go insane. As mentioned, he was desperate, depressed, and would do anything to find his Sun at that point. So, when he did eventually find a creature that looked like what he'd been searching for for so long, I'd guess that was sort of his breaking point.
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If you notice in ds2 Vengarl (head) is resting on the remnants of a crumbled statue , the exact statue is a mother holding a baby . Is dark souls hinting Vengarl is Solaire? After all In the same region you find an Old Sun ring !! Which was needed due to being to op for pvp
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Vengarl is (another) DS Guts/Berserk character. The DS2 version of Artorias. if you listen to him and read his armor description we learn he was a legendary mercenary, fighting for some legendary kingdom that is gone long ago. Has nothing to do with Solaire and explains why there is no Vengarl in DS3. Because we already have the wolf knight/Artorias.
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Praise the sun
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